Forward on drinks

Offering consumers more choice with less sugar

On 23rd February 2024, CCEP jointly completed the acquisition of CCBPI. Some information on this page will be updated in due course to reflect the addition of the Philippines to our business. 

We want to make it easier for people to manage their sugar consumption.

Many of the drinks we make and distribute contain sugar. Whilst sugar is fine in moderation, global dietary guidelines caution that consuming too much sugar is not good for anyone. Given the health consequences of obesity, international governments and health authorities such as the World Health Organisation (WHO), are introducing regulations to help people consume less sugar from food and drink products.

We support the current recommendation by several leading health authorities, including the WHO, that people should limit their intake of added sugar to no more than 10% of their total calorie consumption.

Working with The Coca-Cola Company (TCCC) and other franchisors, we’re evolving our business and drinks portfolio to provide consumers a greater choice of drinks, both with and without sugar.

Our actions support UN Sustainable Development Goal 3: Good health and wellbeing.

Our commitments

  • Great taste, less sugar
  • Low and no calorie drinks
  • Choice
  • Product information
  • Responsible marketing
Great taste, less sugar

Working with The Coca-Cola Company and other franchisors, we continue to reduce sugar across our portfolio.

CCEP Sugar reduction 580x486v2

Working with TCCC and other franchisors, we are reducing the amount of sugar in our drinks by rethinking many of our recipes, offering a wider choice and greater promotion of no and low calorie options.

In 2022, we reduced the sugar in our soft drinks in Europe by 5.2% compared to 2019, and we fully support Union of European Soft Drinks Associations (UNESDA) commitment to reduce average added sugars in soft drinks by another 10% by 2025 (from 2019) across Europe.

We also have clear sugar reduction targets in place in Australia, Indonesia and New Zealand. In Australia, we’re committed to reducing average sugar per 100ml by 25% by 2025 (vs 2015). In Indonesia, we’re committed to reducing average sugar per 100ml by 35% by 2025 (vs 2015); and by 20% by 2025 (vs 2015) in New Zealand.


Low and no calorie drinks

We’ll aim for 50% of our sales to come from low or no calorie drinks by 2030 (in Europe by 2025).

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We encourage people to reduce their daily sugar intake by raising awareness of our low-calorie drinks via our point-of-sale communications and by promoting low and no sugar options via our menu deals.

In Australia, the Pacific and New Zealand, we’re introducing and promoting more low and no sugar drinks with a focus on zero sugar sparkling drinks. 



We’ll continuously evolve our recipes and portfolio to offer a greater choice of drinks.

CCEP Small packs 580x486v2

Together with The Coca-Cola Company and other franchisors, we’re expanding our portfolio to include many other types of drinks like juices and ready to drink teas and coffees.

We are working to provide a greater range of smaller, more convenient packs, which can make it easier for consumers to control their sugar intake. In 2022, approximately 4.5% of our drinks were enjoyed in packages of 250ml or less in Europe.


Product information

We’ll make it easier for consumers to cut down on sugar with straightforward product information.

Australian HealthStar Rating 700x400

We are committed to providing clear and transparent nutritional information about our drinks, including information about sugar and calorie content.

We pioneered Guideline Daily Amount (GDA) labelling on our drinks in Europe since 2009. In 2021, we adopted the voluntary front of pack
Health Star Rating on all our non-alcoholic drinks in Australia and adopted the same approach in New Zealand in 2022.


Responsible marketing

We’ll make sure we don’t advertise to children under 13 and that our sales and marketing practices evolve in line with external expectations.

Through our Responsible Sales and Marketing Principles we provide clear guidance to ensure that we are honest and transparent in everything we do, that we aim to never mislead consumers, and that we should take every opportunity to help consumers make informed choices about what they drink.
We are also committed to never advertise to children under 13.


Our progress in 2022


reduction in average sugar per litre (Europe)


of products sold were low or no calorie (Europe)


of our drinks (approximately) were enjoyed in packages of 250ml or less (Europe)