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Meet our committees and their members

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Audit Committee

The Audit Committee plays a key role within the governance framework of the Group supporting the Board and monitoring the integrity of the Group’s financial statements and results announcements, the effectiveness of internal controls and risk management as well as managing the external auditor relationship.

Committee membership:

Garry Watts (Chairman) 
John Bryant
Dagmar Kollmann
Dessi Temperley

Audit Committee Terms of Reference

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Affiliated Transaction Committee

The Affiliated Transaction Committee (ATC) reviews, considers and makes recommendations to the Board with regard to any transaction with affiliates by the Group (affiliates are holders of 5% or more of the securities or other ownership interests of CCEP).

Committee membership:

Dagmar Kollmann (Chairman)
Jan Bennink 
José Ignacio Comenge
Sol Daurella 
Garry Watts

ATC Terms of Reference

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Corporate Social Responsibility Committee

Oversees performance against CCEP’s strategy and goals for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), reviews CSR risks facing CCEP and the practices by which these risks are managed and mitigated, approves sustainability commitments and targets, and monitors and reviews public policy issues that could affect CCEP.

Committee membership:

Alfonso Líbano Daurella (Chairman) 
Jan Bennink
Nathalie Gaveau
Mark Price
Brian Smith

CSR Terms of Reference

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Nomination Committee

The Nomination Committee sets selection criteria and recommends candidates for appointment of INEDs, reviews Directors’ suitability for election/ re-election by shareholders, considers Directors’ potential conflicts of interest, oversees development of a diverse pipeline for senior management and Director succession, and oversees wider people matters for the Group, including culture, diversity, succession, talent and leadership.

Committee membership:

Tom Johnson (Chairman)
Manolo Arroyo
Christine Cross
Sol Daurella
Mark Price

Nomination Committee Terms of Reference
Criteria for Selection of INEDs

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Remuneration Committee

The Remuneration Committee recommends Remuneration Policy and framework to the Board and shareholders, recommends remuneration packages for members of the Board to the Board, approves remuneration packages for senior management, reviews workforce remuneration and related policies and principles, and governs employee share schemes.

Committee membership:

Christine Cross (Chairman)
Manolo Arroyo
John Bryant
Tom Johnson
Mario Rotllant Solá 

Remuneration Committee Terms of Reference