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Building better
business together


Close collaboration

At CCEP Ventures, we work with visionary founders who have big ideas for supporting our net zero ambition, and partner with them through investment, academic funding and commercial relationships.

Our aim is to find the solutions which can help meet our waste and emissions reductions challenges, delivering a low-carbon future for our business, and the wider industry.

We bring people together; providing expertise, advice and introductions so that we can support businesses no matter what stage they’re at or what support they need.

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A mutually beneficial partnership

We form strong, equal relationships based on a shared vision for the future of the industry. These symbiotic partnerships provide us with diversity of thought and rapid, positive disruption, while offering our partners a growth platform that delivers real long-term value.

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Investment areas

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We seek out technologies and products that allow more people to enjoy non-alcoholic beverages, without increasing waste or emissions. For example we invest in products that reduce or eliminate packaging, or that help CCEP meet their goals to combat climate change.

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Customer Experience

We work with companies that have great ideas to make it easier for businesses to sell CCEP products, and for customers to access them. We’re particularly excited about the use of data to better understand consumer behaviour, enabling smarter revenue growth management and greater choice for customers.

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Route to Market

We see huge opportunities to use technology to make a wider range of products available to a wider range of people. B2B e-commerce is just one exciting growth area that is a focus for investment, as is the automation of logistics.

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Sales Visibility

We are always looking for ways to gain insight into what we are selling. We partner with companies that enable this, whether through data and analytics, smart packaging, or the use of sensors.

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World class


We’re proud of CCEP’s great infrastructure, and it provides enormous opportunities for testing, growing and scaling a business. This gives our partners a tangible advantage in the marketplace. 


We love hearing from anyone interested in working with us, so please do get in touch.