Innovative Tap Solutions is a US-based company that operates under the names PourMyBeer and PourMyBev, and has developed self-pour ‘beer walls’ that allow customers to quickly and efficiently serve and pay for their own drinks. This reduces waiting time and queues, and allows venues to free up staff time to focus on other tasks, increasing efficiency. 

One of our most important goals is to find ways to eliminate packaging waste and reduce CCEP’s carbon footprint, so we were really excited by the potential to partner with ITS and help them expand their offering. 

In September 2020 we took a 25% stake in the company and we are now helping them to develop self-pour and self-pay solutions for soft drinks, so that customers can enjoy CCEP products more quickly and without disposable packaging. We went on to introduce them to some of our customers, including Grupo Restalia and Aspro Parks, a major theme park in Europe. That’s helped them to expand into the wider European market, and we’re really excited to see them being successful here.

“ITS is an exciting and ambitious business. We are confident we can help them expand successfully into the soft drinks category and grow their presence in Western Europe.” Nik Jhangiani, Chief Financial Officer at CCEP 

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