New Compact Freestyle® drinks dispenser pilots in Europe

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  • First trials are taking place in France and Belgium, followed by Great Britain and other markets in Europe throughout 2022
  • The countertop unit is designed for smaller on-the-go and at-work locations and is the smallest unit in the most digitally advanced range of Freestyle machines
  • The smart dispenser offers consumers greater choice and personalisation of around 40 beverages and helps reduce carbon and packaging footprint

Coca-Cola Europacific Partners has reached a new milestone with our latest innovation in dispensed solutions, as we work to reduce the environmental impact of our packaging.

Trials of the New Compact Freestyle® dispenser will begin this month, at a range of at-work and on-the-go outlets in France and Belgium, followed by Great Britain and other markets in Europe throughout 2022.

New Compact Freestyle has been developed with The Coca-Cola Company as an extension of the iconic Coca-Cola Freestyle brand and portfolio. Designed for smaller on-the-go and at-work locations, it allows consumers to personalise their drink from around 40 beverage choices, and choose to fill their own reusable vessel.

This drinks-on-demand innovation has the potential to contribute towards our goals of zero waste and Net Zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2040. It also aligns with The Coca-Cola Company’s recently announced global goal of 25% reusable packaging by 2030 which includes refillable vessels for dispensed drinks, along with refillable or returnable glass and plastic bottles.

Preliminary analysis* of the new dispenser has identified a lower carbon footprint per litre of chilled beverage compared with conventional pack types, for example cans and PET bottles. Further analysis will now be conducted in market conditions through this and future trials. The digitally-advance capabilities of the New Compact Freestyle will also provide rich data and insights into consumer behaviours to further help optimise the solution. 


We continue to innovate to meet customer and consumer needs for quality, choice and convenience and harness the benefits of digital technology. Through this trial we aim to better understand the opportunities dispensed solutions offer us, our customers and consumers. We expect new drinks delivery models such as this to play a key role in our journey to reducing our packaging footprint."

Stephen Lusk

Chief Commercial Officer at Coca-Cola Europacific Partners

This latest programme complements our existing range of Freestyle dispensing machines and other trials including Fanta® Orange, Sprite® and Mezzo Mix® soda syrups in Germany, and a refillable vessel pilot in Sweden. Our investment in multi-beverage dispenser manufacturer Lavit and CCEP Ventures’ 25% stake in Innovative Tap Solutions self-pour technology in Spain further demonstrate our intent to explore new dispensed solutions as a key strategic route towards eliminating packaging waste and reducing our carbon footprint.

*A preliminary Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) conducted by IFEU in December 2021 on the New Compact Freestyle® with a range of drinking vessels, when compared to conventional packaging formats (e.g. cans and bottles).