Our response to Coronavirus (COVID-19)

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The global outbreak of Coronavirus has touched every community and changed many of our lives. We are all adapting to a very different world with many new challenges. At Coca-Cola European Partners, we are playing our part in supporting our communities through this crisis and helping them recover.

We’ve taken immediate actions to respond to the crisis in four key areas: to protect the well-being of our people, to continue to serve our customers, to support our communities and to preserve the long-term future of our business. You can read more about each of these areas below.  

We are helping the key workers and organisations on the front line of fighting the virus. We are keeping our people safe, so they can continue to support our customers, the grocery stores and retailers who are working hard to ensure families can get the food, beverage and supplies they need during the crisis. 

When the time is right, we will work alongside our colleagues, our customers and communities to help them recover from the crisis, working in partnership to rebuild the many businesses that have been affected and to address the societal challenges our communities will face as a result.

We are helping support those on the frontline of fighting the virus and those most affected by it.

Protecting our people

The commitment and care of our people has allowed us to continue to operate and to supply our customers and consumers with the products they are asking for during the crisis. We thank every one of them for the work they are doing.

Our top priority is keeping our people safe while they work. Our business has always applied world-class health and safety standards, and we have implemented even more stringent protocols including temperature checks, social distancing measures like extra time between shift changes, and increased remote working.


Social distancing guidelines in place at our site in Dongen; we have implemented enhanced hygiene procedures across our operations.

We’re also working hard to provide emotional support for our people during this difficult time, including mental health support and specialist employee assistance programmes.

We want to keep our people in their jobs throughout the immediate crisis and we are exploring and implementing short-term changes to protect jobs longer-term, including redeploying people into different roles and implementing flexible or short-time working arrangements.   


Employees at our production site in Ghent are keeping products flowing to our customers while observing guidelines on social distancing.

Continuing to serve our customers

This is a difficult and challenging time for many of our customers. Local grocery stores and retailers are working hard to ensure families can get the food, beverage and supplies they need and we are doing everything we can to support them.

Our production sites remain operational, with enhanced health and safety measures in place, and where safe to do so our sales teams are working alongside our customers on the ground to keep shelves stocked and to keep online deliveries flowing.

We’ve made adjustments to our production to ensure we’re delivering the products people are asking for in stores right now and are redeploying people from other areas of the business to provide extra support for our grocery customers as they adapt to huge changes in their business.

We have also implemented robust business continuity plans to ensure we can continue to serve our customers as the situation changes.

Many of our customers in bars, restaurants and cafes have been heavily affected, and we’ve been working with them on a case by case basis to provide commercial support.  We’re also participating in a range of local industry initiatives that provide support and encourage trade for customers hit hard by the crisis.

You can hear from our Chief Customer Service and Supply Chain Officer Jose Antonio Echeverria on how we are supporting our customers while looking after our people here. And you can see the full list of initiatives we’re supporting to help our ‘away from home’ customers like bars, restaurants and cafes here.

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Coca-Cola European Partners is supporting numerous initiatives to support hotels, restaurants, bars, pubs and cafés through the crisis. 

Supporting our communities

We’ve been a close part of our communities for generations, through the people working at our local production sites, the drivers who deliver our products, and our sales people who are out every day working with our customers. We’re doing everything we can to help them through this crisis. 

We are working closely with The Coca-Cola Company and The Coca-Cola Foundation to provide substantial financial aid to fund the fight against Coronavirus, channeled through the Red Cross and local NGOs. 


Coca-Cola donates $120 million dollars to support COVID relief efforts.

On a local level, we are doing what we can to support those on the frontline fighting the virus, and those most affected by it. We are donating product to food banks, medical workers and key workers, providing access to our transport and logistics resources for relief work and supporting the provision of protective equipment.  You can hear from our Vice-President of Sustainability Joe Franses on the work we are doing in our local communities here and you can see more detail on the support we're providing here.

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Coca-Cola European Partners has been supporting frontline workers, key workers and NGOs with donation of products and protective equipment.   

Many of our people are also personally involved in supporting the most vulnerable people in their local areas and we’re really proud of them.

We are immensely grateful to everyone on the frontline fighting this virus, and everyone behind the scenes supporting them. As the crisis passes, we will use our strong local links to support our communities as they need as we move to a brighter future together.

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We want to say a big thank you to healthcare workers in all of the countries where we work – here are our colleagues in Great Britain saying thank you to the National Health Service.

Protecting the long-term future of our business

We have taken the right actions now to protect our business for the longer-term and are working to lay the foundations for recovery alongside our partners at The Coca-Cola Company. Restrictions have changed shopping and lifestyle habits and the way people consume our products, and we are adapting our business accordingly to ensure a strong recovery for our customers and our business.