Coca-Cola Europacific Partners launches new employee-led career platform to support professional development

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To further support employees’ career progression, CCEP has launched the Career Hub - an employee-led online platform that suggests learnings, connections, internal vacancies and networking opportunities, based on employees’ individual profiles.

At CCEP, our success is due to the passion and dedication of the 33,000 people who work with us, and we are committed to developing the people who work for us.

The Career Hub is a product of InNovember, and was created by the Talent Management team. InNovember is our company innovation programme in which employees can pitch new ideas to help the business grow and improve. The winning idea is given funding and resources to bring it to life.

Using learnings from a recent employee survey, the team recognised a need for more visibility around professional development opportunities, and of how to move to different roles within CCEP. The idea was pitched to InNovember and won support. Initially it was launched as a pilot for 1000 employees but is now available to over 15,000 employees in Europe.

Using the Career Hub, much like an internal LinkedIn, employees are able to:

  • Expand their networks: Make new connections to share knowledge, experience and best practice with colleagues. It will make suggestions of new people to connect with based on their profiles
  • Learn new skills: Give colleagues personalised learning suggestions based on their profiles.
  • Seek out new opportunities: Including internal vacancies for projects to get involved in
  • It will also help managers unlock the potential of internal talent.

Judith Engels, Associate Director of Digital Talent and Performance Management at CCEP said:

“At CCEP we aim to empower our people to thrive, and our new Career Hub does just this by putting put colleagues’ own growth and development into their own hands.

“It’s great to see the Career Hub live now in most of our markets, making it easier for our employees to prioritise their professional development and growth.”

The Career Hub is the latest career development offering at CCEP, on top of existing learning and professional development opportunities. CCEP Sweden recently introduced WE@CCEP, giving employees the opportunity to use two working days per year to visit another department to learn how they work and what their priorities are and overall to get an even better understanding of the entire company's operations. We have also recently launched a new Careers Website, to help improve the experience of outside candidates to ensure we bring in the best external talent.

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