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In 1953, The Coca-Cola Company partnered with the Daurella family to create the first bottling plant in Barcelona – Sol Daurella is now our company Chairman. We have been serving the people of Spain ever since but have grown considerably in this time, opening manufacturing plants in A Coruña, Bilbao, Valencia, Seville and Tenerife. Today, we are proud to serve over 290k customers across the country.



At CCEP Spain, we are passionate about innovation. We’re continually expanding our portfolio with products we know people want more of – including low and no calories options. We have 23 brands in our portfolio, including Fanta, Sprite, Aquarius and Royal Bliss – a premium range of mixers.

Our headquarters are based in Madrid, and across Spain we contribute €5.86 million to the economy, representing 0.5% of Spanish GDP and our activity can be seen across several sectors, including distribution, tourism, and food services.

CCEP and The Coca-Cola Company contributes to 98,000 direct and indirect jobs in Spain, which accounts for 0.4% of the active population. Thanks to the hard work of our 3,565 direct employees, in 2021 we were the only beverage company included in the top 10 of the Merco Companies ranking, which includes 100 companies with the best reputation in Spain. CCEP was also included in the top 3 companies that best attract and retain talent in the Merco Talento ranking.


Direct and Indirect Jobs contributed to by CCEP and The Coca-Cola Company in Spain

Direct CCEP Employees



At CCEP, we are determined to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions by 30% by 2030 and achieve net-zero emissions by 2040. We’re constantly looking for new ways to limit our climate and environmental impact and reduce our plastic packaging across our portfolio, and we do this through our sustainability plan This Is Forward.

One area of work is in our production facilities, where we’re looking to make them energy efficient and reduce carbon emissions. At our carbon neutral certified mineral water production facility in Vilas de Turbón, we have reduced total emissions over the past five years by 36% per litre of product produced by installing energy efficient LED lighting across the site. We have also installed a biomass boiler that uses sustainably sourced wood pellets in place of fossil fuels.


CCEP Spain has taken a big step forward in increasing the amount of recycled material in its bottles, and now uses 100% recycled plastic to make its 500ml bottles. It has also led in the production and sale of the tethered system that allows caps to be attached to the bottle and recycled together.

To eliminate unnecessary or difficult to recycle plastic from our secondary packaging, we launched CanCollar® - an innovative paperboard packaging solution, for multipack cans. The cardboard is from sustainable sources and that has PEFC certification and, thanks to this system, we save 18 tonnes of plastic per year without using adhesives or glues. Spain has been the first European country to implement this technology, the result of the agreement with the company WestRock – a specialist in sustainable packaging solutions.

CCEP supports the Mares Circulares project in partnership with the charity Ecomar Foundation, to clean up our coastlines, sea beds, and protected aquatic areas around Spain. We’re working hard with these organisations to boost the public’s awareness of the importance of a circular economy, and in 2021 alone, our partnership helped to collect 353 tonnes of waste through 113 beach clean-ups – supporting our goal to collect the equivalent of all our packaging so it can be recycled and reused.


Beach Clean-ups in 2021

Tonnes of waste collected


We’re determined to be a force for good both for our people and the communities we work in.

 In 2013, we launched GIRA Jóvenes, an employability training programme for young people aged 16 to 26 from disadvantaged backgrounds. It provides the opportunity for young people to develop personal skills and talent, bringing them closer to the workplace. In 2021, our people gave more than 25,000 hours of training to support 987 young people through the programme.

We created GIRA Mujeres in 2016 and, last year, we organised the fifth edition of the training programme for female employed and unemployed entrepreneurs. The programme offers training and support to women aged 18 to 60 who have social entrepreneurship projects and businesses within the food and beverage and leisure and tourism sectors. In 2021, Sol Daurella, CCEP’s Chairman, participated in the final event in Madrid where we announced 10 finalists and four winners from more than 940 participants.

Together with ECODES, we have launched the Hospitality initiative Hostelería #PorElClima – a virtual platform that brings together a community in the hospitality industry committed to an environmentally sustainable future. Since 2017, nearly 3,000 establishments have joined the initiative and implemented more than 17,000 climate actions.


manufacturing sites, four water plants and five logistic locations

coolers, vending machines and post mix machines in operation across the country (56% market coverage)


of our packaging is already recyclable – with our goal to reach 100% by 2025






10.1 %


5.2 %


CCEP has a long history in Spain. We are one of the largest bottlers in the country and not only do we want to keep consumers refreshed, we want CCEP to be a great place to work for our people and to make a lasting difference in our communities.

Our world-class execution in the market sets us apart. Our goal is to help our customers grow, create value and continue to build a beverage category that offers choice and is easily accessible to consumers so they can continue to find their favourite drinks when they want them.

We make a significant contribution to the Spanish economy and we’re focused on ensuring we continue to grow sustainably. We want to reach net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2040 and we are implementing initiatives across our entire value to chain to help us on our journey.

Our focus is clear and we are investing in our operations to make them as efficient as possible – to reduce emissions and waste, as well as continually improving the service we provide to our customers. Central to this is our commitment to reduce, reuse, recycle even more of our packaging.

Our first manufacturing site in Barcelona will celebrate its 70th anniversary next year and we are very proud to have served the people of Spain for so many years. As we look to the future, we will continue to provide some of the world’s best loved drinks, create value for all our customers and stakeholders and strive to build a better future for our business, our communities and the planet.

Francesc Cosano

General Manager, Iberian Business Unit