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Today marks the World Day for Safety and Health at Work. As a company employing over 33,000 people - with many of those on the road or working in our manufacturing plants - we have a significant responsibility to ensure their safety and wellbeing. We want our employees to get back home safe, every day, to what they love.

At CCEP, our main priority is the wellbeing and safety of our employees, and our approach is driven by four key actions:

  • Embedding a culture of safety at CCEP
  • Supporting employees
  • Training employees
  • Using technology and innovation to improve safety


As part of our culture of safety, each one of us has an important role to play in ensuring our own safety and wellbeing and that of our employees. The COVID-19 pandemic brought that culture to life, when as a company we were focussing on keeping our employees safe and protecting jobs when lockdowns and restrictions were having the biggest impact on business and society.


Making sure our colleagues have the right support available to them at all times is also important. All CCEP employees have access to our Employee Assistance Programme, and we’ve also launched the Wellbeing First Aider programme, including a network of 600+ Wellbeing First Aiders globally who help to make conversations around mental health easier to have for all colleagues.


This approach is backed up by tailor-made training for employees, based on their role and the environments they work in. This training is made available digitally so all colleagues can access and use them. A good example is the “Take 5 for Safety”, which lets us take 5 minutes to evaluate the critical hazards we may encounter during any task and define the appropriate steps to stay safe.


Finally, we are always looking at how technology and innovation can support wellbeing and safety. In Indonesia, we’re trialling the use of cameras in the cabs of our vehicles to detect driver fatigue or distraction in real time. And in Spain we’re exploring the use of Virtual Reality (VR) to deliver safety training.


All of this is underpinned by investment. In 2020, we invested €6 million in safety projects - including upgrading and improving workplace equipment and infrastructure, improving loading bay safety, machinery safeguarding and reducing noise levels.


Our work on safety is never complete, and we continue to explore new ways of protecting and supporting our employees. The World Day for Safety and Health at Work is a time for reflection and an important reminder of the duty of care we have to our colleagues and the responsibility we have to each other, ensuring every day every one of us goes home to what we love.


José Antonio Echeverría, Chief Customer Service and Supply Chain Officer