Sol Daurella and Damian Gammell discuss the future of Coca-Cola Europacific Partners

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Today, Monday 10 May, Coca-Cola European Partners and Coca-Cola Amatil join together to become Coca-Cola Europacific Partners (CCEP) 

CCEP is a leading consumer goods company, serving 1.75 million customers and making, moving and selling some the world’s most loved brands.   

Brands that are so popular and so widely consumed that we touch millions of people, businesses and communities across the countries we serve.

We sat down with CCEP’s Chairman Sol Daurella, and CEO Damian Gammell to get their reflections on this important milestone and look ahead to the future. 

What excites you about Coca-Cola Europacific Partners?

Sol: We are bringing together two of the world’s best bottlers. In doing so, we’ll be able to go further and faster in pursuing our shared vision for growth - through our consumer led portfolio, collaborative customer relationships and innovation to meet changing consumer needs. 

I am excited by the prospect of what we can learn from each other and the opportunity to grow our business that this creates.  

Damian: We now have a significantly bigger growth opportunity, having acquired a strong business with momentum and potential.  We’ll have a broader and more balanced footprint and the number of consumers who can enjoy our drinks is now over 600 million people. 

We know how to create value for all our stakeholders by combining the strength and scale of a large, multi-national business with an expert, local knowledge of the customers we serve and communities we support. 

I am excited by the prospect of what we can learn from each other and the opportunity to grow our business that this creates.

Sol Daurella


What are your goals for the business?

Damian: Coca-Cola Europacific Partners will continue to be focused on great people, great service and great beverages, done sustainably for a better shared future.  

In this, we are guided by a simple but vital purpose - to refresh Europe, the Pacific and Indonesia and make a difference.  

We believe, as one company, we are in a much stronger position to grow and achieve this purpose.  

We want to build on the best of both businesses – in key areas like sustainability, digital transformation and people - to drive growth and scale faster. Wwill also further strengthen our strategic relationships with The Coca-Cola Company and our other franchise partners. 

We’ve developed a proven and successful playbook in Europe. We have a track record of creating value in developed markets - like Australia and New Zealand - through strong revenue growth management, route to market transformation and leading commercial capabilitiesIndonesia’s growth prospects are particularly exciting, with CCEP now working in one of the world’s most populous and dynamic emerging markets. 

What can stakeholders expect from CCEP going forward?

Sol: We have the passion, experience and scale to fulfil our purpose, grow our business in a sustainable way and create value.  

And importantly we want this to be genuine, shared long-term value that benefits everyone - our investors, our customers, our employees, our partners, our suppliers and our stakeholders and communities.  

They can also expect us to continue to pursue meaningful and ambitious actions to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions, make our packaging more sustainable, offer more choice through our diverse range of products, and support our local communities. 

We want to build on the best of both businesses – in key areas like sustainability, digital transformation and people - to drive growth and scale faster.

Damian Gammell


What does this moment mean to you personally?

Damian: Creating Coca-Cola Europacific Partners has only been possible because of the collective efforts of our 33,200 colleagues and the support of our customers, partners and suppliers. 

So today I feel a huge sense of pride in what we’ve all collectively achieved in the past, and excited about the opportunity to go further together in the future. 

Sol: I am proud that we are becoming Coca-Cola Europacific Partners and of what we stand for.  

Our future together will be built on strong foundations – from the early companies that eventually became Amatil, to the first franchise that my grandfather started in Spain in the early 1950s. 

This is a great business to be in. We are becoming a larger, more strategic partner to The Coca-Cola Company, driven by a belief in a collaborative franchise model, with a vision for long term value creation. We will grow the business with sustainability and people at the core of everything we do. 

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