Investing in digital to make it easier to do business with us

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Our ambition is to become the world's most digitized bottler, helping us deliver sustainable growth and create value for our customers and stakeholders., our customer portal[1], is a great example of how we are using this investment to transform our digital platforms – particularly as almost 75%[2] are now using online platforms to run their business.

Our portal now has more than 51,000 customer users across 9 markets where they can engage with us, order products and access a range of services, such as invoice and equipment management. We’ve also increased its functionality to include point of sale, promotions and dedicated marketing.

Customer feedback is hugely important to ensure we are providing the digital capabilities they need. 80% of our customers already feel our portal makes it easier for them to do business with us and, most importantly, more than two thirds believe it is helping them grow their business.[3] also enabled us to process almost €700 million in revenue last year, demonstrating how digital is supporting our revenue growth.

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[1] Currently only available to customers in Europe

[2] Apart from, do you use any other platforms (websites, apps) to run your business – based on 1,873 responses

[3] based on 1,873 responses