Getting ready for Halloween with Fanta

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Stephen Lusk

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With Halloween just under a week away, we caught up with Stephen Lusk, our Chief Commercial Officer, to discuss why this time of year is important for our business and retail partners.

And if you need some spooky inspiration for how to celebrate this year, Stephen has a few tricks up his sleeve.  

Why is Halloween such a big milestone for CCEP?

We’re committed to creating value for our customers and, as a growing consumer occasion, Halloween offers us a significant commercial opportunity, particularly with Fanta.

And this is where CCEP can work some magic – in store and online with our customers and in creative and ghoulishly fun campaigns that engage consumers. We do this in a number of ways to bring light-hearted fun to the scary season, and a competitive edge to our brands, including:

  • limited-edition Halloween inspired packaging and flavours
  • transforming in-store displays with a twist
  • helping to create special at-home moments with our products – such as a scary movie night with family and friends
  • bringing surprise through digital and interactive experiences

Can you tell us more about the Fanta Halloween campaign plans?

As Halloween has become a big moment in the Fanta calendar, we use it to help grow our share and realise our ambition to make Fanta as iconic at Halloween as Coca-Cola is at Christmas.

Across our markets, we manufacture over 40 flavours of Fanta, including Orange, Lemon, Fruit Twist, Grape and Raspberry.

Through our Action on Drinks we're committed to reducing the amount of sugar in our soft drinks, and aim to have 50% of our sales to come from low or no calorie drinks. In 2020, low or no calorie drinks already made up 48% of our total sales in Western Europe. And in Australia, Indonesia and New Zealand we've reformulated 48 products with lower sugar recipes since 2015.

Fanta is a key part of this, and is available in a variety of zero sugar flavours across our markets. 

This year, we've got some great new on-pack graphics, consumer competitions and our partners at The Coca-Cola Company have created a new TV advert that brings to life the jump-scares we all know and love from our favourite monster movies. 

Watch the TV advert here.

* = In Western Europe.

How will you be celebrating Halloween this year?

After a couple of years at home, I'm looking forward to Trick or Treating with my five children – and hopefully they will willingly share some of their sweets with me.

We also plan to order online some Halloween inspired snacks, and obviously a Fanta or two, to enjoy with our favourite age appropriate scary movies. We live in GB and we'll be ordering some of the new Halloween-inspired Fanta packs from