Smart and sustainable investment to serve our customers

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While we continue to operate with a high level of uncertainty, our customer service and supply chain teams have shown an extraordinary ability to adapt and excel in serving our customers.

But the consumer landscape is going through major changes due to the pandemic, bringing new complexities and new service requirements. To successfully navigate these challenges, we’re focused on being agile and flexible, adapting to demand, and improving our service through better planning.

We’re also focused on being even more targeted in how and when we invest. But importantly, we’re continuing to invest in the biggest opportunities for our supply chain – including these exciting initiatives.

Antwerp Automated Warehouse Expansion Moment v2

Increasing storage capacity to improve planning and efficiencies at our sites and for our partners:

We have expanded our automatic warehouse in Antwerp, Belgium. The facility can now store 30,000 pallets – 9,000 more than before and includes a range of formats rather than just standard pallets. This makes the site less dependent on external warehouses, reducing the amount of journeys we make – increasing cost savings and reducing our carbon footprint.

Securing our future in Mannheim with advanced technology to produce more drinks, packs and a range of packaging:

Coca-Cola has been bottled at our site in Mannheim, Germany for 70 years – and a new rental agreement for the production and logistics site will see that extend to 100 years. 

Our Mannheim plant is one of the most technologically advanced production sites in Germany. In the past two years, we’ve invested €50 million in two new production lines – including a new returnable glass line. Compared to production lines of previous generations, the bottle washer of the new glass line saves up to 40% water and energy.

Mannehim bottling plant circa 1950

Increasing production capacity is vital for growth, to cater for changes in demand and be agile and flexible:

In Iberia we have increased capacity by investing in and opening new productions lines at our sites in Valencia (2 lines), Seville (3 lines), Tenerife (1 line) and Barcelona (1 line). We are aiming to increase our manufacturing capabilities even further by opening up to 14 lines by December 2020.

Investing in sustainability is at the heart of everything we do. 

While a lot of our focus has been on maintaining service and performance levels, we are developing and embedding CCEP’s ambitious commitments across our supply chain – to reduce our carbon footprint, improve our packaging, create new packaging solutions, use less water and support our communities:

Spain has launched a new innovative paperboard secondary packaging called CanCollar® on multipack cans. The design by our supplier Westrock, removes all unnecessary or hard to recycle plastic from its portfolio, avoiding the use of more than 18,000 tonnes of plastic a year across Western Europe and avoids the use of glue or adhesives.

Despite COVID-19 restrictions, Spain has also progressed its can light-weighting project to help reduce the amount of packaging we use. Sites include Valencia, Seville and Tacoronte – which was the first region to go into lockdown and has added geographical complexities.

Our team in Great Britain have now successfully trialed the new packaging for Capri Sun, which includes paper straws. The new Capri-Sun paper straw will be rolled out across Europe from spring 2021.

The team in the Netherlands are producing 4 pack KeelClip™ – the first in in the world – at our Dongen site. KeelClip™ is an innovative, minimalist paperboard packaging solution, supporting our commitment to pioneer packaging solutions that are more sustainable in terms of recyclability and overall environmental footprint.

Despite the challenges we all continue to face, we will prioritise smart investments in our supply chain with a focus on our productivity, flexibility and service. This will ensure we can deliver unrivalled execution and customer service – while creating sustainable growth for our business.