How we are operating during COVID-19

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Investors | Jose Antonio Echeverria

Covid-19 is affecting all of us, in many different and profound ways. As the leader of CCEP’s supply chain, my focus has been on what I can do to support our colleagues, customers and communities during the crisis, while also planning for our collective recovery in the future.

In response to the crisis, we introduced a number of operational measures. This was driven by two pillars – adapting to the changes in customer environments and consumer demand, and protecting the health and wellbeing of our colleagues. 

For those customers who have remained open, the key for them has been keeping shelves stocked. We’ve made adjustments and increased production of key products and packs, while also slowing down or stopping production of others. This has helped us run more effectively during the crisis, enabling better customer service by ensuring we’re delivering the products people are asking for right now.

The reason we’ve been able to continue to make products and keep retailers’ shelves stocked is thanks to the huge collective effort from colleagues at our manufacturing sites and in our distribution and sales network.

The Coca-Cola system runs on the passion and commitment of our frontline teams, and we’ve worked hard to protect their wellbeing. This has included implementing specific measures for colleagues at sites or in the field to support hygiene and social distancing, such as: establishing one-way systems in corridors; temperature checks at our facilities; and conducting training through headsets. Colleagues also have 24/7 access to mental health support.

I am grateful to all our supply chain colleagues who have volunteered time in their communities. Whether through delivering product donations, distributing medical equipment to frontline workers, or supporting local charitable organisations – it is making a difference.

While we are taking action to respond to the immediate crisis, we are also preparing for recovery. We are committed to helping society rebuild and recover, creating sustainable value for our customers and a better future for people and the planet

Finally, I send my best wishes to all of you, and your loved ones. Please stay safe.

-- Jose Antonio Echeverria, Chief Customer Service & Supply Chain Officer at Coca-Cola European Partners