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How we can support your community

Community Caracoolers

Are you a charity, sports team or community group looking for an easy and unique way to fundraise for your community event? We’ve specially created a range of Community Caracoolers to support you and your community group in your fundraising efforts.

Each Caracooler is uniquely designed to look great at any event. Not only do community groups get access to these Caracoolers, we also back our community by providing special event pricing meaning we can help you raise as much funds as possible.

It’s really easy to get one of our Caracoolers out to your community event. Simply fill in the enquiry form below and we’ll be in touch.


Caracoolers Enquiry Form

Commonly asked questions about our Community  Caracoolers 

The following FAQs are for our Community Caracoolers, available for your community event. 

Who is eligible to book the Caracooler?

Any community, sports or church group wishing to fundraise with our beverages at their event. Please note minimum order quantities are required (i.e. 10 cases)

What beverages could I order for our event?

You can select any amount (in full cases) of the following products;

  • 300ml Coca-Cola, Coke Zero, Coke Life, Diet Coke, Sprite, Sprite Zero. Fanta, L&P,
  • 350ml Keri Orange Juice or Keri Apple Juice,
  • 400ml or 750ml Pump,
  • 750ml Powerade Mountain Blast or Berry Ice

Can I use the Caracooler to sell food along with beverages?

Yes you can. However if power is required (e.g. to keep food warm), please let us know as we may need to check the electrical rating of your device prior to connecting.

Do the caravans have chillers built in?

Yes, caravans are fitted with a separate chiller & also to countertop fridges.

Can I put frozen product in the chiller unit?

Caravans are not setup for freezing ie. ice blocks/ice cream. They have a chiller unit set at 2 degrees.

Can I use a pie warmer/cash register in the caravan?

Caravans are fitted with power outlets for use with any appliance.

Are the caravans lockable?

Yes, they have their own padlock & key.

Does the caravan come with its own generator?

Caravans do not have their own generators. They need to be plugged into a standard household (10amp) power outlet. Power leads are supplied with units for this.

When can delivery and collection of the caravan be made?

Delivery can be made on the Thursday or Friday prior to the event and collection on the Monday following. If required collection can be done immediately following the event.

How will the Caracooler and stock get to our event?

The great news is that we’ll deliver the Caracooler and/or stock right to your event – and come and collect the Caracooler and any unused (full) cases once it’s over.

Will CCEP NZ Staff be around to man the Caracooler?

Our team is set up to do everything to support your fundraising including the picking up and dropping off the Caracooler and stock. We provide this service on the proviso that you and your team can do the fundraising on the day!

What happens once I submit the application form?

One of our Community Events team members will email you. We’ll ask for any missing details and once your order is complete, you’ll get a confirmation email.

If you have any more questions or would like to make an enquiry about having a Caracooler at your event, please complete our Enquiry Form.


Caracoolers Enquiry Form