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Our actions on sustainability

We put sustainability at the heart of our business while creating value for our customers.

We believe that business success and sustainability go hand in hand. We aim to grow our business in a way that manages our social and environmental impacts responsibly and makes our people and our stakeholders proud.

We're taking action in areas where we know we have significant impact, and which our stakeholders want us to prioritise, including sustainable packaging, consumer well-being, energy and climate, and water stewards.

  • Communities
  • Environment
  • People
  • Drinks
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We seek to delight the communities in which we operate, through a unique, sustained and valued collective impact.


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By striving to meet our commitments on packaging, water, energy and carbon reduction, we aim to leave a positive legacy and ensure minimal impact on the environment.


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We provide a safe, open, diverse and inclusive workplace where our engaged people are energised by what we will achieve together and are proud of the difference we make.


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We promise to delight consumers by bottling their favourite brands, providing choice and information across an unrivalled portfolio for everyone, everywhere, every day and making a positive contribution to our communities.


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Sustainability in New Zealand at a glance


We have a target to reduce sugar by 20% (in sugar grams per 100ml) across our portfolio by 2025.


All our single-serve plastic bottles and all water bottles are made from 100% recycled plastic.


We are committed to sourcing 100% renewable electricity, this includes joining RE100.

Sustainability Updates

In New Zealand, we prioritise the areas where we can make the greatest difference.

We are focused on the safety, the diversity and engagement of our people, sustainable packaging, renewable energy and the wellbeing of our consumers.