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Action on society: Our people

Action on society: Our people

We’re determined to make a positive difference both in our workplaces and in our local communities.

Ensuring our people’s and our communities’ wellbeing and safety is our priority.

Our success is only possible due to the passion and commitment of the 5,000 talented people who work with us. Our vision is to be an organization where everyone´s welcome to be themselves, be valued and belong - including different thinking, experiences and backgrounds in all that we do.

We are committed to building a diverse workforce and encouraging an inclusive culture. This covers all areas of diversity, including gender, culture and heritage, multi generations and disability.

Our actions on society helps to support UN Sustainable Development Goal 5 and UN Sustainable Development Goal 8.

Our 2022 onwards commitments

  • Occupational Health & Safety
  • Capability Development
  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
Occupational Health & Safety
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We will continue to take a multi-faceted approach to health and safety, developing a Safety Culture in addition to striving to provide a safer working environment, both internally and externally.

Capability Development
Capability Dev v2

Focusing on building our people is a must for us in order to connect and produce authentic and successful results, since a great organization starts with the people behind the scenes.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
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We aim to be an organization where people feel they belong and where our inclusive culture drives innovation and performance, creating a trusted and successful business that our colleagues, customers, and communities admire and support.

We believe that encouraging diversity of ideas, thinking, and experience leads to better ways of working and better business results. Furthermore, we’ll foster a diverse and inclusive culture in our business and make sure that women hold at least 40% of our management positions.


Our progress in 2021


employee engagement score 


female engagement score 


overall female representation 


of leadership positions held by women in 2020

Our stories


CCEP Indonesia Welcomed The First Employee with Disabilities

National Contact Center (NCC) team welcomed their first employees with disabilities on 1 November 2021. This is a new chapter for CCEP Indonesia's business, which also supports the government's disability program. CCEP Indonesia embraces Persons with Disabilities (PWD) by working with them and maintaining a respectful work environment, infrastructure and support system.


Female Warriors at CCEP Indonesia

Over the years we have been working on improving the female representation with focus on frontline roles, developing female leaders with specific leadership development programs, and engaging female employee by establishing our community of ‘female warriors’. Through female warriors, our female employees can reach out and connect with each other y, strenghten engagement through regular activities, and increase influence.

COVID-19 Response

Our utmost priority is to protect the health and safety of our employees. We are committed to do our part to help prevent the further spread of the virus, while also supporting the needs of our customers, consumers, employees, and communities.

Here’s what we have done to protect our employees during this unprecedented time:

  • Implement safety measures, including providing personal protective equipment and conduct comprehensive, methodical cleaning o f all offices and production areas
  • Provide employees with symptoms with Nutriboost to enhance immune system
  • Handling and treatment assistance to health facilities and hospitals
  • Provide support through Employee Assistance Program (EAP)
  • Regular COVID-19 communication available for employees through existing communications channels: Intranet, Workplace, Email blast, WhatsApp, SMS, etc
  • Produce and distribute around 26.773 bottles of 400mL hand sanitizer for internal use across Indonesia.