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Forward on society: Our Communities

Being a force for good in our communities

We’re determined to make a positive difference both in our workplaces and in our local communities.

Ensuring our people’s and our communities’ wellbeing and safety is our priority.

Many of our communities face significant social challenges, including high levels of youth unemployment and social exclusion. We are proud to have been an integral part of our communities for generations and in 2020, we’ve been using our strong local links to help communities and vulnerable groups – especially people from disadvantaged backgrounds – who have been hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Supporting our communities has never been so important. We want to act as a force for good by supporting local community partnerships and focusing on its core strength to flourish and become an independent community.

Our actions in our communities helps to support UN Sustainability Development Goal 1,  UN Sustainable Development Goal 4 and UN Sustainable Development Goal 11.

Our commitments

  • Community-Driven Waste Banks
  • Microeconomic Empowerment
  • Employee Volunteering
Community-Driven Waste Banks
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We support waste banks to serve more community members in waste management while simultaneously generating economic value from waste.

Microeconomic Empowerment
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We’ll support initiatives which help young people gain the employability, skills and confidence they need to succeed.

We aim to become the trusted partner to drive economic development, build resilience and help young people gain the employability, skills and confidence in our key communities, through capability development: vocational training, financial management

Employee Volunteering
Sustainability Clean Up Activity

We’ll expand the contribution we make to society by increasing our employee volunteering and supporting local community partnerships.

Our employees play an important role in supporting our local community partnerships and volunteering their time to take part in a wide range of activities connected to our sustainability commitments, such as litter pick-ups or youth mentoring schemes.

Our Stories

Sustainability Community Empowerment

Medagang Kreatip (Creative Selling) in Bali

Bali suffered a big blow as COVID-19 pandemic paralyzes the tourism industry—their main sources of revenue. Bali economy shrank to more than 19 percent on an annual basis in the third quarter, non-essential businesses were forced to shutter and resulted in a high amount of unemployment in the island.

When business closed their doors, they had to come up with different strategies to keep continue bring in sales and engage with customer. To help set up a creative response to the coronavirus challenges and improve soft skills, we took the initiative to create ‘Medagang Kreatif’ (Creative Selling) in November 2020. The program targets are our customer outlets and ‘mobile shops’, but we also welcome general public to participate.  We provided 8 learning modules for business development, such as: Business Adaptation & Creative Selling Strategies, Generating Sales through WhatsApp Business, and Bookkeeping. To keep our participants engaged, we also created weekly challenge containing several tasks, in which they must complete to gain points and unlock more rewards.

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Entrepreneurship Training in Lampung

The desire to get the economy back up and running amidst the COVID-19 at present has brought together diverse stakeholders to stimulate economic activity. In Lampung, we looked at micro, small and medium enterprises that are particularly feeling the impacts, with businesses having to shut down and experiencing loss of revenue, demand, and cash flow, as well as supply chain shortages. We believe that small businesses and entrepreneurs are the driving force to respond to crises and contribute to long-term, sustainable recovery.

With a burst of optimism towards creating a productive and COVID-19 safe society, we led the way and took the initiative by creating an entrepreneurship training. Tailored to everyone's entrepreneurial needs, our entrepreneurship training outlines three major business areas in Lampung: food and beverage, agriculture, and creative tourism. Every month, we engage with multi stakeholders to conduct a learning seminar with various topics on entrepreneurship where we encourage entrepreneurial mindset and forge ideas to meet the new needs to participants. To date, we have provided following subjects such as: Dare to Start A Business, Ignite Entrepreneurial Mindset, Building the Synergy of Village and City Entrepreneurs, Tempting The Market Through Packaging, Culinary Innovations from Local Food Commodities, etc.