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Coca-Cola Plant Tour

Educating the public through a facility visit

As your safety and wellbeing is our main priority, we will not open Coca-Cola Plant Tour service until further notice. We are sorry for the inconvenience.

"Coca-Cola Plant Tour" is here to enrich people's knowledge about the variety of beverages the company produced and its manufacturing process. Through this activity, the public can get to know our business in Indonesia more closely and initiatives carried out through the industry-based educational-economic tourism model.

location on Indonesia

West Indonesia Region

Medan Plant


Medan Plant is located in North Sumatra region, and it is Coca-Cola Europacific Partners Indonesia’s biggest plant in Sumatra Island.

The plant produces more than 76,000 bottles per hour through 6 production lines.

Medan Plant distributes our beverages to North Sumatra, Aceh, Batam, Riau, West Sumatra, and Jambi.

Lampung Plant


Lampung Plant is located in South Lampung region.

70% of the total land area is used as production and office space while 30% of the green open space is used for the Coca-Cola Forest sustainability program.

Lampung Plant serves product distribution for Lampung, Bengkulu, and Palembang.

Central Indonesia Region

Bekasi 1 Plant

Bekasi 1 Plant is located in West Java region.

The plant produces more 527,000 bottles per hour through 9 production lines.

The plant has the first solar panel rooftop installation for Coca-Cola Europacific Partnes Indonesia to reduce gas emissions. The solar panel rooftop is able to generate up to 7.13 megawatt of solar energy during peak capacity and cutting carbon emission by 8.9 million kgs per year.


Bekasi 2 Plant

Bekasi 2 Plant is located in West Java Region.

The plant is able to produce more than 115,000 bottles per hour through 5 production lines. 

Bekasi 2 plant is the first plant to implement Affordable Small Sparkling Package (ASSP) production line in Indonesia. The technology produces high quality lighter plastic bottles with glass coating that will increase packaging durability.

Sumedang Plant


Sumedang Plant is located in West Java region.

Sumedang Plant produces our beverages through 2 production lines.

The plant also facilitates Coca-Cola Forest Fun Learning Studio and a mini soccer area for surrounding communities.

East Indonesia Region

Semarang Plant


Semarang Plant is located in Central Java region.

The plant is able to produce 132,000 thousand bottles per hour through 4 production lines.

The plant facilitates Coca-Cola Forest sustainability program.

Pasuruan Plant


Pasuruan Plant is located in East Java region.

The plant is able to produce 144,000 bottles per hour through 7 production lines.

The plant also implements the second ASSP technology for Coca-Cola Europacific Partners Indonesia. The ASSP line is able to reduce the amount of plastic in 250 ml bottles by 50%, or translated to approximately 2,000 tons less of plastic per year.

Badung Plant


Badung Plant is located in Bali region.

The plant is able to produce 48,000 bottles per hour through 2 production lines.

Coca-Cola Plant Tour Requirements:

  • The Coca-Cola Plant Tour can only be carried out if the visit schedule has been agreed by CCEP Indonesia
  • Coca-Cola Plant Tour is held every day at the specified start hours (10:00 and 15:00 WIB)
  • Minimum 50 people per group
  • The minimum age for participants to visit the Coca-Cola Plant Tour is 12 years old
  • Each group can be combined with other groups to reach minimum capacity
  • The tour lasts approximately 90 minutes: presentation + facility tour
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