Sustainability is at the heart of our business

We are taking action on sustainability by using our business and brands to build a better future. For people. For the planet.

The COVID-19 pandemic has laid bare the urgency behind a range of environmental and social concerns. We believe that we can – and must – recover in ways that support our communities, our economies, and our planet. We have put a green future at the heart of our vision for the business and our sustainability strategy.

We want to grow our business in a way that manages our social and environmental impacts and contributes to a better future.

We are doing this through our Group wide sustainability action plan – This is Forward – created with TCCC, and developed through continual consultation with our stakeholders across all our territories. Through This is Forward, we are taking action on six key social and environmental areas where we know we have significant impacts, and which our stakeholders want us to prioritise.


  • Action on Drinks
  • Action on Packaging
  • Action on Society
  • Action on Water
  • Action on Climate
  • Action on Supply Chain
Action on Drinks
Action on Drink 2.png

We want to make it easier for people to manage their sugar consumption.

By evolving our portfolio to offer people a wider variety of great-tasting drinks, we’re helping consumers cut down on sugar and make more informed choices about their diets.

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Action on Packaging
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Reducing the impact our packaging has on the environment is at the heart of our packaging strategy. 

Our packaging represents a great amount of our total value chain carbon footprint. Reducing the footprint of our packaging will be a critical part in CCEP journey to reach net-zero GHG emissions by 2040.

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Action on Society
Action on Society Communities.png

Our Communities

We’re determined to make a positive difference both in our workplaces and in our local communities. Ensuring our people’s and our communities’ wellbeing and safety is our priority.

Supporting our communities has never been so important. We want to act as a force for good by supporting local community partnerships and focusing on its core strength to flourish and become an independent community.

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Action on Society People

Our People

We’re determined to make a positive difference both in our workplaces and in our local communities. Ensuring our people’s and our communities’ wellbeing and safety is our priority.

Our vision is to be an organization where everyone's welcome to be themselves, be valued and belong – including different thinking, experiences and backgrounds in all that we do. We are committed to building a diverse workforce and encouraging an inclusive culture. This covers all areas of diversity, including gender, culture and heritage, multi-generations and disability.

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Action on Water
Action on Water

Water is an essential resource – both for our own business and across our value chain. We treat water with the care it deserves, aiming to reduce our water consumption on a  continual basis and protect local water sources for future generations.

CCEP depends on a sustainable and high-quality supply of water. Not only is water the main ingredient in many of our products, but it’s also essential for our manufacturing processes, and for growing the agricultural ingredients we depend upon.

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Action on Climate
Action on Climate

The world is at a critical point and we must all play our part to cut Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions, to limit global temperature increase to 1.5°C in line with the 2015 Paris Climate Change Agreement, and protect the future of our planet.

Our efforts in reducing green house gas emission lies on three important efforts: improving energy efficiency and shifting towards renewable energy.

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Action on Supply Chain
Action on Supply Chain

Our supply chains are under increasing pressure from population growth, increased demand for food products and climate change. That’s why we’re sourcing all our agricultural ingredients and raw materials sustainably and responsibly.

To make our drinks, we depend on a sustainable supply of high-quality agricultural ingredients and raw materials. We need to ensure they are sourced sustainably. We rely on a global supply chain to make, sell and distribute our products. We’ve made a joint commitment with The Coca-Cola Company (TCCC) to ensure that we sustainably source 100% of our priority agricultural ingredients and raw materials. 

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Our progress in Indonesia


Reduction of sugar in grams per 100ml compared to 2015 baseline


reduction of plastic content in our PET bottle in comparison to 2014 baseline


water we used, we replenish back to the environment in 2020


of leadership positions held by women in 2020


Sustainable Sugarcane Certification (Bonsucro and Vive) in 2020

2020 Indonesia Sustainability Fact Sheet

In Indonesia, we prioritise the areas where we can make the greatest difference.

We are focused on the safety, the diversity and engagement of our people, sustainable packaging, renewable energy and the wellbeing of our consumers.