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Action on drinks

Action on Drinks

We want to make it easier for people to manage their sugar consumption.

By evolving our portfolio to offer people a wider variety of great-tasting drinks, we’re helping consumers cut down on sugar and make more informed choices about their diets.

We support the current recommendation by several leading health authorities, including the World Health Organisation, that people should limit their intake of added sugar to no more than 10% of their total calorie consumption.

Following the recommendations of health authorities, governments are introducing regulations designed to control the level of sugar consumption. As part of this approach, we are working with The Coca-Cola Company to offer consumers an even greater choice of drinks, including many more drinks with low or no sugar.

Our action on drinks helps us to support UN Sustainable Development Goal 3.

Our 2022 Onwards Commitment

  • Reformulation
  • Choice
  • Product Information
  • Responsible Marketing

By 2021, we have reduced 21% of sugar in grams per 100ml compared to 2015 baseline.

Working with The Coca-Cola Company, we are reducing the amount of sugar in our drinks by rethinking many of our recipes, offering a wider choice and greater promotion of no and low calorie options.


We’ll continuously evolve our recipes and portfolio to offer a greater choice of drinks. Together with The Coca-Cola Company, we’re expanding our portfolio to include many other types of drinks.

Product Information
Product Information

We’ll make it easier for consumers to cut down on sugar with straightforward product information and smaller pack sizes.

We are committed to providing clear and transparent nutritional information about our drinks, including information about sugar and calorie content.

Responsible Marketing
Responsible Marketing

We’ll make sure we don’t advertise to children under 12 and that our sales and marketing practices evolve in line with external expectations.

Our progress in 2021


reduction of sugar in grams per 100ml compared to 2015 baseline

Our Stories

Sprite Waterlymon v2

Sprite Waterlymon

We introduced Sprite Waterlymon in 2019. With refreshing taste of lime and lemon, Sprite Waterlymon is a great tasting thirst quencher drink for all stages and all kind of thirst, with lower CO2 and lower sugar.

Fanta MMP v2

Reformulation Progress

We continue to innovate across our portfolio to deliver more beverage options with less added sugar and expand the availability of low and no-sugar beverages.