Celebrating National Waste Awareness Day and Global Recycling Day - CCEP Indonesia Reaffirms its Focus on a Circular Economy for Beverage Packaging

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At Coca-Cola Europacific Partners, we're dedicated to realizing a world without waste by integrating beverage packaging into the circular economy. This year, as we marked significant occasions like National Waste Awareness Day and Global Recycling Day, our efforts were amplified across Indonesia, uniting diverse groups and local communities with a shared mission – to drive positive change for our planet.

Following our Nona-Helix philosophy, we conducted workshops aimed at educating individuals on proper waste separation techniques right from the source. We emphasized the environmental and economic advantages of keeping materials within the economy rather than ending up in landfills. Additionally, our employees led by example, actively participating in city-wide clean-up initiatives.

Our commitment to sustainability began within our own workplaces, where we fostered the crucial habit of proper waste segregation among our teams. By setting this example, we inspired broader communities to adopt similar practices.

On these significant environmental observances, we reaffirmed our dedication to a circular economy for beverage packaging. Through collective action and collaboration, we believe that even the most daunting challenges can be overcome.