CCEP Indonesia Held Several Activities in Commemorating National Waste Awareness Day 2024 in East Java

HPSN Jatim 2024 v3


Coca-Cola Europacific Partners Indonesia (CCEP Indonesia) is collaborating with several stakeholders to commemorate National Waste Awareness Day (HPSN) 2024 this February 2024. In the East Java area, the commemoration took place in a series of activities held on 23-25 February 2024 in the form of clean-up activities, seminars, tree seedling donations, and tree planting.

On Friday, February 23 2024, the HPSN 2024 commemoration was carried out by cleaning the work area at the Pasuruan Plant. Activities involving employees are focused on cleaning water channels and rubbish around the factory.

Next, to expand waste management education and increase public awareness, an "Overcoming Plastic Waste in a Productive Way" seminar was held at the Yudharta Pasuruan University Campus on Saturday, February 24, 2024. This activity was a collaboration between CCEP Indonesia, Saunggalih Student Community, Yudharta Pasuruan Univ., FKPL, and The seminar was attended by around 100 participants, including students, waste management KSM administrators, and government agencies. A donation of 100 tree seedlings was also handed over to students.

Donations of seeds were also given to the Kepulungan Village Government. Two hundred seedlings were planted together with residents on Sunday, February 25 2024. Apart from planting trees, this activity was complemented by village clean-up work, which involved five hamlets in Kepulungan Village.