Trees Planting and Creating Biopores in Central Java

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In celebrating World Water Day and International Forest Day, CCEP Indonesia carried out trees planting and creates biopore, located in the operational area of Semarang Regency. This activity is part of the company's sustainability action plan, This is Forward, especially in an effort to maintain and protect the sustainability of water resources for the future.

We donated 1200 trees from our "Coca-Cola Forest" nursery and 100 biopores to the Bawen’s community. Together with local leaders, we would like to raise community awareness about forest restoration and water stewardship.

As an essential resources for our business and value chain, we treat water with the care it deserves. As a part of CCEP Global commitment we also focused on reducing the water we use in our production facilities, including the safe return to nature of 100% of our wastewater. Our actions on water helps us to support UN Sustainable Development Goal 6 as well.

By 2022, CCEP Indonesia has achieved 1.69 water use ratio, saves 120.000 mega liters water, 6.400 mega liters of water, replenish 200% of the water sourced to make drinks in areas affected by water stress.