Building The Hepta Helix Connectivity through MSME Program in West Sumatra

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To encourage economic growth in the Sumatra region, CCEP Indonesia, through the UMKM Merdeka program initiative, collaborates with and unites all stakeholders to participate in the program actively. Stakeholders include APINDO DPP West Sumatra, Provincial Government, Ministry of Manpower BLK, Office of Cooperatives and UMKM, Bank Rakyat Indonesia (BRI), Creative West Sumatra community, AMA, Padang Express media (Jawa Post Group), University academics, and UMKM Forum West Sumatra. This initiative of the Merdeka UMKM program will further strengthen the credibility of the existence of CCEP Indonesia in the Sumatra Region.

This activity, which was started in Lampung Province, presented entrepreneurial enthusiasm and optimism among students as potential successors to young entrepreneurs and future market potential. In Lampung province, this program has been attended by 385 students, 56 MSMEs, and 15 tertiary institutions, while in South Sumatra, 60 students, 12 SMEs, and 3 tertiary institutions have been enrolled in this program. The program supported by LLDIKTI for the Sumatra region continues to expand, and this time it was launched in West Sumatra. UMKM Merdeka and CCEP Indonesia will choose three MSMEs and three best Student Companion Groups in each province to present at the UMKM Regional Camp CCEP Indonesia Sumatra Connect 2023 in West Sumatra later this year.

The joint commitment signing was held at the APINDO West Sumatra Management Inauguration event on 5 April 2023, which presented Lucia Karina (Public Affairs, Communications & Sustainability Director CCEP Indonesia), Mahyeldi (Governor of West Sumatra) and Haryadi Sukamdani (Chairman of DPN APINDO), who were accompanied by Rina Pangeran (Chairman of DPP APINDO West Sumatra).