HPSN 2023: Waste Clean-up, Collection, Workshop with Bestari Village in Sumedang

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In commemorating the National Waste Care Day (HPSN)2023, CCEP Indonesia collaborated with the GEMPA, MANGGALA and MOTAH environmental activist teams. This collaboration initiated three agendas for managing waste around the village environment through the Cihanjuang Bestari Village program in Sumedang, West Java. Those activities include:

  1. Waste clean up and collection activity with the government and the people of Cimanggung District at the Bojong Kondang Street area
  2. Competition to collect household inorganic waste through the Waste Charity program
  3. Workshop on household organic waste management

The waste cleanup on Bojong Kondang Street collected around 2,000 kg of waste, which was then transported to the waste collection centre using the Environmental Office waste truck. The Waste Charity program, which took place at the Bestari Cihanjuang Village Office, collected 198 kg of inorganic waste in bottles (plastic and glass), cardboard and metals.

This series of HPSN 2023 activities was closed with a workshop on household organic waste processing at the Bestari Village Office, attended by dozens of homemakers from the Cihanjuang Village community who were highly enthusiastic.