HPSN 2023: Harvesting Organic Compost Fertilizer with Bestari Village Community in Bekasi

2023JKT HPSNDesaBestari


Coca-Cola Europacific Partners Indonesia (CCEP Indonesia) always positively contributes to all areas of its operational areas, one of which is when CCEP Indonesia commemorates the 2023 National Waste Awareness Day (HPSN). This time, CCEP Indonesia commemorates the day with the local community from Sukadanau Village, Bekasi, through the Village Bestari program.

During the 2023 HPSN commemoration activities, the collaborative action of the Desa Bestari program in Sukadanau Village collectively produced 825 kg of compost from organic waste management, which is one of the programs from Bestari Village for household waste management. In addition, customers of the Bestari Waste Bank also weigh inorganic waste as a routine agenda of the Bestari Garbage Bank activities, which have been running with 130 waste bank customer memberships.

The enthusiasm of the local community of Bestari Village in Sukadanau Village was very high in this 2023 HPSN celebration, with the campaign to sort waste from homes and the residents registering to become customers of the Bestari Waste Bank.