CCEP Indonesia's Commitment to Waste Management Receives Appreciation from the Government

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Coca-Cola Europacific Partners Indonesia's (CCEP Indonesia) commitment to implementing sustainability principles has once again been recognized by external parties. This time, Pasuruan Regent Irsyad Yusuf appreciated CCEP Indonesia's concern in the waste management program, which is considered a support for realizing environmental preservation in his region. The appreciation was symbolically handed over by Syamsul Hidayat, a Pasuruan Regency DPRD member who represented the Regent on Monday, July 31, 2023.

The certificate was handed over on the sidelines of the "Waste Management Policy" training organized by the Forum Komunikasi Peduli Lingkungan (FKPL) in Gempol. Armytanti Hanum Kasmito, Regional Corporate Affairs Manager of PACS CCEP Indonesia, received the appreciation certificate. The Head of the Waste Reduction Section of the Pasuruan District Environmental Agency, Diana Indah Kusumawati, also witnessed the handover process.

"The Regent expressed his greetings and apologies for being unable to attend today's event. Hopefully, this cooperation can benefit the community," said Syamsul Hidayat.

Syamsul added that one of the potential natural disasters in the Gempol sub-district is flooding caused by the siltation of the river and piles of garbage. So collaboration between parties such as the Pasuruan District Government and CCEP Indonesia is needed to prevent recurring floods and other natural disasters.

CCEP Indonesia collaborated with FKPL Pasuruan District to run a waste management program four years ago. This program is in the form of waste sorting assistance from the source and waste processing infrastructure assistance for residents of Kepulungan, Gempol. This year, The program expanded to Sumbersuko Village, Gempol District, and Sukoreno and Sukolelo, Prigen District.

CCEP Indonesia is pleased with the appreciation received. Armytanti expressed her gratitude for the appreciation. Armytanti stated that CCEP Indonesia's commitment to nature conservation is to encourage more significant impact and beneficiaries.

"This certificate is a tribute to all of us for our collaborative efforts in waste management," added Armytanti.