CCEP Indonesia Wins Two Awards in Indonesia’s Best Corporate Sustainability Initiatives

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As a bottling company and distributor of beverage brands most-loved around the world, Coca-Cola Europacific Partners Indonesia (CCEP Indonesia) continually strives to positively impact the surrounding environment by implementing sustainability principles. This achievement is done through a commitment and sustainability plan called This is Forward, which has six pillars: Action on Climate, Packaging, Water, Supply Chain, Beverage, and Society.

For its commitment, CCEP Indonesia recently received appreciation for its efforts through Indonesia's Best Corporate Sustainability Initiatives & Warriors 2023 award organized by MIX Marcomm Magazine (SWA Media Group). In this event, CCEP Indonesia received several awards, namely the Sustainability Warrior Top Leader Category awarded to Lucia Karina,  Public Affairs, Communications, and Sustainability Director for Indonesia & Papua New Guinea and Sustainability Warrior Team Category for the Public Affairs, Communications & Sustainability team.

Both categories of awards were given for the commitment and total effort made to ensure the implementation of sustainability principles can run according to plan and achieve maximum results. Moreover, CCEP Indonesia is considered very serious in providing the full negative impact of every step of the company's business operations by presenting a work unit that applies sustainability principles. This is because the company's commitment to implementing sustainability principles makes it possible to run optimally with the help of leaders and teams with extraordinary dedication.

CCEP Indonesia's commitment to sustainability is manifested in several flagship programs, including the PET packaging waste management program through the presence of the PET recycling plant facility, Amandina Bumi Nusantara, and responsible waste collection initiatives through the company of Mahija Parahita Nusantara Foundation, installation of Solar Power Plant at the plant facility as the largest in Southeast Asia, community empowerment through entrepreneurship assistance, and clean-up actions and capacity building for waste management in the community.