CCEP Indonesia Promotes the Important Role of Communities in Realising Sustainability and Prosperity Principle

COP Dubai v3


Coca-Cola Europacific Partners Indonesia (CCEP Indonesia) continues encouraging efforts to address environmental problems and challenges. At the COP 28 in Dubai, 5-6December 2023, Lucia Karina, Director of Public Affairs, Communications, and Sustainability of CCEP Indonesia & Papua New Guinea, explained the company's role in community empowerment through circular economy initiatives to achieve sustainability and prosperity.

As a company that puts sustainability at the core of its business strategy, CCEP Indonesia promotes collaboration between stakeholders at every step in realizing environmental sustainability. The community is one of the stakeholders that play a vital role in learning this.

"Communities have a great capacity to bring solutions to support efforts to maintain environmental sustainability. The spirit and close ties to the land of birth and pluralistic community values strengthen the community to achieve a fundamental change. Communities are the key to sustainable environment-based progress, said Karina.

CCEP Indonesia is well aware of the crucial role of communities in this regard. Community empowerment is seen as the core of the company's sustainability strategy. For this reason, support for cooperation between the company and the community continues to be strengthened. The collaboration between the two parties is manifested in various sustainability initiatives that also enhance the ambition to realize a circular economy.

To this end, various programs and initiatives were prepared and implemented by CCEP Indonesia together with communities in multiple regions. Initiatives based on applying circular economy low carbon principles, such as the community capability building program in waste management, were launched. This initiative also emphasizes the importance of responsible waste collection practices that align with fundamental human rights principles.

In particular, Karina also added her presentation on women's important role in accelerating the implementation of sustainability principles. In this regard, CCEP Indonesia supports women's leadership in sustainability practices. Women play an essential role in making change and inspiring communities.

Overall, at COP28, the need for collaborative climate action was highlighted. Witnessing diverse groups unite behind community-supported solutions was genuinely inspiring, reaffirming that development can work harmoniously with environmental aspects. Thus, a sustainable future can be achieved together and ensure no one is left behind.