Advancing Closed-Loop Circularity: CCEP Indonesia at Indonesia Sustainability Forum 2023

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Coca-Cola Europacific Partners Indonesia (CCEP Indonesia) proudly participates in the Indonesia Sustainability Forum 2023, organized by the Coordinating Ministry of Maritime Affairs in collaboration with the National Plastic Action Partnership on September 8th 2023. Lucia Karina, Director of Public Affairs, Communications, and Sustainability (PACS), represented CCEP Indonesia on a distinguished panel of stakeholders discussing plastic circularity. She shed light on CCEP Indonesia's initiatives to advance circular systems for plastics through closed-loop packaging.

During the session, Karina  emphasized the significance of leveling the playing field. She argued that ambitious efforts to combat plastic pollution by a single party have limited value on their own. Therefore, she highlighted the importance of collaboration. Drawing on the Indonesian spirit of "gotong royong," a shared sense of collective effort, she emphasized that collaboration should be the foremost pursuit for the common good.

CCEP Indonesia has implemented substantial changes across its entire business spectrum, from upstream to downstream, with the goal of establishing an inclusive, low-carbon, circular economy. While ensuring that their packaging is designed using materials conducive to recycling, CCEP Indonesia is also boldly investing in a closed-loop ecosystem. This investment aims to foster responsible collection practices and enhance recycling capacity, thus contributing to a sustainable future.