World Clean Up Day Commemoration in Medan



As a form of commitment from Coca-Cola Europacific Partners Indonesia (CCEP Indonesia) to become a leader in sustainability initiatives, together with the New Normal Waste Bank (BSINN) partners and Medan City Government, we participated in a series of clean-up and waste segregating activities from 10-25 September 2022 at 30 location points spread across Medan City.
We conducted a 16-day roadshow (circle) to provide direction and equipment to carry out clean actions at their respective locations such as sacks, banners, uniforms, gloves, CCEP Indonesia's beverage products, along with cars for waste collection. Meanwhile, the Medan City Government provides support through letters of appeal to sub-districts, sub-districts and all parties who are expected to participate in the activity.
During the roadshow and launching of WCD 2022, CCEP Indonesia and BSINN managed to collect as much as 3,699 kg of inorganic waste and 4,792 participants in 30 locations consisting of 5 sub-districts, 15 sub-districts, 8 schools and 2 waste banks. The collected waste will then be sorted in the waste bank, weighed and further managed. At the end of the activity, a report will be made to the centre through the link that has been provided specifically for WCD 2022. In addition to thoese activities, on September 18, they also created a waste collection centre through the Mobile Waste Bank. 
The Head of the Medan City Environment Service, Zulfansyah Ali Saputra, in his speech appealed to all the people of Medan City not to let useful waste around them go to waste. “Separate waste wisely from home so that it doesn't burden the TPA location in Medan City. Always prioritize the 3R principle (Reuse, Reduce, Recycle) so that it can be used as a circular economy,” he concluded.
The founder of BSINN, Yasra Al Fariza, called for everyone to be responsible for the waste produced, and every event is expected to minimize waste by collaborating with several communities. “Your waste, your responsibility,” he concluded.
CCEP Indonesia's Corporate Affairs Manager, Angga Harahap, said that the company always collaborates with the government and local institutions in overcoming waste issues in Medan City and other cities in Indonesia, and it has become the company's commitment to become a leader in sustainability. One small action, involving many people, is expected to be able to provide learning in the community the importance of everyone being responsible for the waste they produce. “The WCD 2020 activity is also a tangible manifestation of 'This is Forward', the sustainability action plan of the Coca-Cola Europacific Partners group of companies, with a focus on six pillars with significant impacts, namely: climate, packaging, beverages, society, water, and supply chains,” he concluded.