West Java's Desa Bestari Expands its Waste Management Program

2022WJ DesaBestariExtension


CCEP Indonesia, through the Desa Bestari (Bestari Village) program, held a Kick-Off activity for the establishment of the Bestari Village program at the SMP Negeri 4 Rancaekek Campus, Linggar Village, Rancaekek District, Bandung Regency. Together with Bandung Regency government, Environmental Service, and various elements of community, synergize through a waste management activity program with activities in the form of: Assistance for SMP Negeri 4 Rancaekek towards Adiwiyata Gren School at the West Java province level; training on organic waste management through maggot bioconversion in Linggar Village; and the establishment of the Kadujaya Waste Bank, in Jatigede District, Sumedang Regency. This is an expansion of the program in the area around CCEP Indonesia's Sumedang Plant, after previously in 2021 it was carried out as a pilot project in Cihanjuang Village, Cimanggung District, Sumedang Regency. Which means, until now the total villages are in 3 points, 3 villages, 3 sub-districts and 2 regencies.
Regional Corporate Affairs Manager of CCEP Indonesia, Nurlida Fatmikasari, stated that Bestari Village program has been pioneered, and have carried out so far together with elements of government, community, society, and academia to educate the public on waste management with a circular economy concept, through the use of waste managed by the community into a potential utilization as an economic resource so that it can be expected to reduce the burden of the existing landfill. “In this Bestari Village program, we see the potential of pentahelix collaboration, which is very necessary to become a unified movement to encourage people to be more concerned about waste issues in the surrounding environment”.
This collaboration event was very constructive with the involvement of the West Java Provincial Environmental Service, Bandung Regency Environmental Service, Education Office, District and Village Governments, communities and many other elements of society. The Head of the Environment Service of West Java Province, Prima Mayaningtyas, M.Sc., in her speech stated that she fully support and appreciated the activities supported, and also conveyed that the existing waste problems need the support of all elements of society. She added that the organic waste management through maggot bioconversion is one of the right solutions considering the existing waste structure is 70 percent organic waste, 20 percent inorganic waste and 10 percent other B3 waste.
In addition, as the host for the kick-off event, Ida Juariah, Principal of SMP Negeri 4 Rancaekek, expressed her gratitude for the support of various parties, including CCEP Indonesia which has always provided support in preparing SMP Negeri 4 Rancaekek to become green school and to compete at the provincial level of West Java. “We are really grateful that CCEP Indonesia is very supportive of the environmental program, especially for us who are heading towards the Adiwiyata school assessment.”