West Java CSR Forum Takes Engagement Visit to Coca-Cola Forest and Desa Bestari

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CCEP Indonesia has recently joined as a CSR Partner for West Java Province, and it certainly provides positive benefits for the company's image and reputation. Our community development program related to waste management in the West Java Operation, Desa Bestari, has attracted the West Java provincial government to deal with environmental issues, especially waste management.

Eka Jatnika Sundana from Bappeda West Java and the West Java CSR Forum Facilitator team visited CCEP Indonesia to learn more about  Desa Bestari. They wanted to know the program profile and visions and to see first-hand the Waste Charity activities at the Desa Bestari office in Cihanjuang Village, Sumedang Regency. The facilitating team also discussed with one of the volunteers how they could manage waste segregation to help the surrounding community upcycle their waste so that it has economic value.

The Facilitator team was very enthusiastic and grateful for CCEP Indonesia's support through the Desa Bestari program, which has the pillars of education, environment, health and entrepreneurship because this program is very much in line with the West Java government's program in the environment sector. The visit ended in the Sumedang Coca-Cola Forest Fun Learning area while observing the processing of household organic waste, such as fruit peels and vegetable scraps.