Mass Circumcision For Local Children in Lampung

2022SSO KhitananMasal


On Wednesday, 22 June 2022 CCEP Indonesia held a mass circumcision for the children of Zone-1 residents around the Lampung Plant at the Lematang Medical Center Clinic, Lampung. Collaborating with the Sukanegara Educator Forum, this activity involved 25 children as participants in the mass circumcision.

Also attending this activity were Teguh Widodo - Plant Operation Manager CCEP Indonesia Lampung Plant, dr. Agus Kelana B.K from the Lematang Medical Center Clinic, Apendi - Chair of the Sukanegara Educator Forum, School Principals from 7 target schools and parents of circumcision participants.

This activity received a good appreciation from the Zone-1 residents. “We are very grateful that the CCEP Indonesia's mass circumcision initiative went smoothly. This activity surely helps our resident, and hopefully this will be useful for the participants.” Apendi said.

This mass circumcision activity has been carried out annually by CCEP Indonesia Lampung operation since 2015, and for 7 years running, 175 children from the Lampung Plant's Zone-1 residents have benefited from this activity.