Mahija Parahita Nusantara Becomes Part of The New 'Recycle Me' Program

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Coca-Cola Indonesia's newest 'Recycle Me' program collaborates with the Mahija Parahita Nusantara Foundation and Waste4Change as waste collection partners, launched on Thursday, 20 October 2020. The 'Recycle Me' program is one of Coca-Cola Indonesia's ongoing efforts to inspire and encourage change in the collection and recycling of plastic waste.
In the second year of the 'Recycle Me' program, Coca-Cola again collaborated with Waste4Change and joined the Mahija Parahita Nusantara Foundation as a collection partner. For this year, the 'Recycle Me' program increased logistics incentives by up to Rp30,000. Consumers can collect, sort and send their used PET plastic bottles to the collecting centre managed by Mahija Parahita Nusantara through the Waste4Change website in Jakarta and surrounding areas, where they can earn reward points for participating in the recycling process. The PET waste will then be recycled and turned into T-shirts, bags and other valuable products.
"The Mahija Parahita Nusantara Foundation will provide eight collection centres to distribute used plastic PET bottles in the 'Recycle Me' program. In the future, Amandina Bumi Nusantara will recycle all PET bottles collected by Mahija. In addition, this foundation will also support the livelihoods of waste pickers from the informal sector through the 'Semangat Sehat Mahija' program with various activities such as free medical check-ups and donations of necessities. We believe that waste pickers play an important role in the local economy and contribute significantly to increasing the collection rate of PET bottles in Indonesia," said Lucia Karina, Public Affairs, Communications, and Sustainability (PACS) Director for Coca-Cola Europacific Partners Indonesia and PNG
To support wider recycling efforts and the development of a circular economy for PET plastic bottles in Indonesia, Coca-Cola Europacific Partners Indonesia (CCEP Indonesia) will soon open Amandina Bumi Nusantara, a state-of-the-art plastic recycling (rPET) facility operating under Coca-Cola Europacific Partners partnered with Dynapack Asia.
This PET plastic recycling facility will create a closed-loop plastic packaging supply chain in Indonesia by producing plastic pellets made from post-consumption plastic bottles that are safe for food and beverage products. By 2022, Amandina will have a recycling capacity of 15,000 tons/year, with plans to increase to 25,000 tons/year in 2023.
The 'Recycle Me' program runs for three months, from 20 October to 20 December 2022. This program will encourage consumers to send 6 used PET bottles of all Coca-Cola beverage products to 8 Mahija Parahita Nusantara collection centres available in the DKI Jakarta area, Bekasi and Tangerang. To join this program, go to Coca-Cola's Recycle Me website, then click the banner to register for the Waste4Change application. The first three thousand consumers who participate will receive a postage subsidy of up to a maximum of IDR 30,000. In addition, consumers will earn reward points that can be exchanged for telephone credit, electricity tokens and e-wallets worth a maximum of IDR 25,000 at various merchants. Further information about the 'Recycle Me' program can be found at