Frestea Announces Frestea Nusantara

2022 FresteaRelease v3


Coca-Cola Indonesia debuted its latest beverage innovation 'FRESTEA NUSANTARA' under the Frestea brand, the company's authentic Indonesian tea drink.


FRESTEA NUSANTARA is an original Indonesian tea drink with a distinctive blend that evokes the feeling of drinking home-brewed tea.  The special taste of FRESTEA NUSANTARA comes from Indonesia's best tea leaves picked from one of Indonesia's tea plantations and blended to present a distinctive Indonesian home-brewed tea taste.

Rina Surya, Frontline Marketing Director Coca-Cola said, "We are excited to offer the public FRESTEA NUSANTARA, which has been specially blended to deliver an authentic Indonesian tea flavour. We hope that  FRESTEA NUSANTARA could delight consumers with the right balance of the home-brewed tea taste and its perfect amount of sweetness."

Comes in enticing packaging adorned with batik leaf motif, reflecting FRESTEA NUSANTARA as an original Indonesian tea blend. FRESTEA NUSANTARA delivers tea drinkers the familiar, calm and comforting feeling of home especially in unfamiliar moments of stress.