Desa Bestari Goes to School Educating Local Students on Waste Management

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Bestari Village West Java operation with its commitment to support local waste management, extend its hand to younger generation at Permata Hijau Elementary School, located at Jelegong Village, Rancaekek District, Bandung Regency. Bestari Village Goes To School, this activity is a collaboration between the Bestari Village Program with the Coca-Cola Forest Team Sumedang Plant and the Motah Community, inviting 60 elementary school students to take part in education sessions and waste management workshops.

Lilis Hariyani, representative of the Permata Hijau Elementary School teachers, is very grateful to CCEP Indonesia, where Bestari Village program can provide positive education to her students through household waste management training and asked them to be aware from an early age.

Cecep Setia Muhlis as the Coca-Cola Forest CCEP Indonesia team and trainer at the workshop session conveyed a message that all parties in the school need to continue the learnings to the whole school by increasing their waste collection points (in the form of organic waste drums), while starting to educate all students to segregate their waste. By doing so, it is hoped that a clean, healthy, resilient, independent and sustainable school environment will be created (Bestari).