Coca-Cola Europacific Partners Indonesia Held Clean-Up Initiative with Communities in Bekasi

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Coca-Cola Europacific Partners Indonesia (CCEP Indonesia), together with the community around the operational area of ​​the Bekasi 1 Plant, held a "Cleaning-up Village" activity, in the Dusun 3 area, Sukadanau Village, Cikarang Barat District, Bekasi Regency, Saturday (15/05/2011). This activity was also attended by representatives from the Sukadanau Village Government, community leaders, and representatives of CCEP Indonesia's management, who jointly participated in carrying out this environmental clean-up activity.

CCEP Indonesia's Corporate Affairs Manager, Radita A. Wicaksana said that this clean-up program is a form of the company's support for the community's ongoing efforts to create a clean, healthy, and beautiful environment to live in. Not only through efforts to clean the environment, CCEP Indonesia also invites the public to further increase awareness of the importance of protecting the environment, through socialization of good waste management, especially by carrying out waste sorting activities from home.

“On this occasion, we also invite residents around our operational areas to understand the importance of managing waste, including those from households. Changes in people's behavior in terms of waste management are really needed in an effort to deal with problems faced by the environment, especially those related to waste," said Radita.

This environmental clean-up activity received a positive response from the community around the Bekasi 1 Plant. H. Hanafi, Chairman of the Community Communication Forum for Zone 1 CCEP Indonesia, Bekasi 1Plant also expressed his appreciation for the implementation of this activity. He expressed his support for activities related to environmental management carried out by CCEP Indonesia.

“We, the community around the Bekasi 1 CCEP Indonesia Plant, are of course very grateful for the implementation of this clean-up activity. This activity is a form of corporate concern that is often carried out and is very useful for us. Of course, we really support activities like this that can be carried out regularly,” said H. Hanafi, who is also a community leader in Sukadanau Village.

This environmental clean-up activity itself was carried out simultaneously in three Neighborhood Units (RT) in the operational area of ​​the Bekasi 1 CCEP Indonesia Plant, in Sukadanau Village. In addition to cleaning the environment from wild plants that grow around the environment, the participants also took part in picking up trash in a segregated manner based on the categories of types of organic waste, inorganic specifically for packaged drinks, and inorganic non-packaged drinks.

From the results of this activity, at least 111.42 kilograms of organic waste, in the form of leaves and wild plants, were successfully cleaned. Then, 7.1 kilograms of inorganic waste in the form of packaged drinks (PET-polyethylene terephthalate) and 13.01 kilograms of non-packaged inorganic waste were also collected in this activity.

Inorganic waste in the form of plastic beverage bottles (PET) that has been collected will be processed through a recycling process by Amandina Bumi Nusantara, a plastic packaging recycling factory initiated by CCEP Indonesia and Dynpack Asia.