CCEP Indonesia's Desa Bestari Program Supports The Waste Management System in Sumedang

2022WJ DonasiTrashBin v3


Coca-Cola Europacific Partners Indonesia (CCEP Indonesia), provided fifteen special inorganic waste bins to the local government and several elements of society in Sumedang Regency. The handover of the trash bin was symbolically handed over by the Head of Corporate Affairs of CCEP Indonesia, Dhedy Adi Nugroho to the Regent of Sumedang, Dr.H. Dony Ahmad Munir, S.T, M.M, Thursday (27/10) yesterday. Also present at the handover ceremony were the Regional Leadership Communication Forum (Forkopimda) of Sumedang Regency, the Sumedang Regency Main Waste Bank, and representatives of community elements in Sumedang Regency.

This step taken by CCEP Indonesia is part of the Desa Bestari program, which is carried out by the company as part of efforts to alleviate waste problems and good environmental management. Dhedy Adi Nugroho said that the waste problem has become a national problem. So, there need to be comprehensive and well-managed steps, starting from upstream to downstream.

“It is time for us to change and shift the paradigm of waste management that is oriented towards being transported to the TPA (Final Disposal Site). Garbage that was previously an item that no longer has value is now a resource,” he said.

The CCEP Indonesia initiative in an effort to answer problems related to waste through the Bestari Village program also received a good response from the Sumedang Regent. According to him, this program is in line with environmentally friendly sustainable development which was also launched by the Sumedang Regency Government.

"This is in line with our pro-environmental development. Circular economy benefits society. In addition, in terms of changing mindsets, people can pay attention to managing waste properly," said the regent.

Later, the fifteen waste bins will be distributed at several locations in the Sumedang Regency area including: the Sumedang Grand Mosque, Al Kamil Mosque, State Building, IPP UMKM Outlets, Sumedang Creative Center Building, Main Garbage Bank and Sumedang Square.

This inorganic waste ordering program ends a series of CCEP Indonesia Get in Action activities which were carried out in the Central Indonesia Region, which covers the Greater Jakarta area, West Java Province, and Kalimantan. Previously, through two factories in Bekasi Regency, the company carried out environmental clean-up actions in the Bekasi 1 and Bekasi 2 factories, which are located in Sukadanau Village and Jatiwangi Village, West Cikarang District, Bekasi Regency, respectively.

“Through this activity, we invite residents around our operational areas to understand the importance of managing waste, including those from households. Changes in people's behavior in terms of waste management are really needed in an effort to deal with problems faced by the environment, especially those related to waste," said Nurlida Fatmikasari, Central Indonesia Regional Manager of CCEP Indonesia.