CCEP Indonesia Supports MSMEs and Student Entrepreneurships in Lampung

2022SSO BinaUMKM v3


Coca-Cola Europacific Partners Indonesia in collaboration with APINDO Lampung and IIB Darmajaya again held the third round of Independent MSME Development Assistance with 10 selected local MSMEs and 10 IIB Darmajaya Student Groups in Lampung.

The event was opened by the General Chair of APINDO Lampung, Arry Meizari, in his speech provided motivation for the participants. “The MSME Development Program, which is a collaboration of business corporations and education sectors, aims to produce strong economic activists so that they can encourage local MSME business actors to continue to grow. The spirit of independent learning must also be able to give birth to an independent spirit for our MSMEs,” said Arry.

In this third round of mentoring sessions, in addition to presenting their presentations, the participants received a refresher on the mindset that must be possessed by MSME players.

“Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises need to have a Growth Mindset to survive tough business challenges. A Growth Mindset will also encourage entrepreneurs to transform their business to be better and more sustainable,” said Alex Tribuana Sutanto, owner of Paxel Lampung, in his presentation.

Alex also emphasized that the Growth Mindset is an integration of several mindsets: Thinker, Challenger, Lover, and Dreamer. The Thinkers are the type of people who think and are bureaucratic in doing business. The Challengers are results-oriented types, while the Lovers are the type who prioritize building relationships in business, full of ethics. Dreamers are the type of people who are packed with imagination, creativity, and innovation. It is not enough for MSMEs to only rely on one kind of mindset to deal with business challenges, they need to have these four mindsets. It is hoped that our local MSME players with a Growth Mindset can withstand pressure and even carry out business transformations for a better life.

Yayan Sopian, Regional Corporate Affairs Manager of CCEP Indonesia, really supports the collaboration that aims to encourage economic growth and synergized with the role of young people in the independent program to study at an independent campus. “Here, students and local MSMEs really learn a lot about innovation, digging their creativity to try, dare to fail and rise again to succeed. With this, hopefully, they will be able to produce breakthrough products, packaging, distribution, promotion, and sales, or even to lead MSMEs to transform in entering the digital market ecosystem,” Yayan explained.