CCEP Indonesia Supports The Launch of to Support Local MSMEs Development

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The challenge of MSMEs in product marketing concerns sustainable empowerment carried out by Coca-Cola Europacific Partners (CCEP) Indonesia and Serabut Nusa through the MSME Empowered program. By targeting home-scale businesses, this start-up facilitates MSMEs to sell collectively and connects MSME producers with consumers through the e-commerce website as distribution access. The launch of on October 1, 2022, also became part of the solution for utilising digital access for MSMEs.
"Everything is going digital nowadays, so it is important to take advantage of technology without becoming a victim of digitalisation," said Lintang Ratri, Lecturer of Communication Studies at Diponegoro University, who was the speaker during the discussion. This website-based marketplace houses a variety of quality local MSME products, resulting from collective empowerment between the government, Serabut Nusa and CCEP Indonesia.
Agus, a banana sale producer who has joined Seribut Nusa, admits that he has felt the impact of this empowerment. "I used to have a headache thinking about how to market products. Most people still need internet marketing assistance because we lack knowledge. Thanks to Serabut Nusa's assistance, now we can focus more on production," he said.
In addition to the website, the empowerment program also touches other distribution channels, including the "Pojok Serabut Nusa" gift shop, partnerships with other businesses (modern markets), and reseller retailer systems that open up economic opportunities for the community. Not only the increase in turnover, MSMEs who are members of the Serabut Nusa ecosystem also feel helped by their products' attractive packaging and branding. Products are more "visible" to consumers who can choose directly and are more guaranteed quality because they have gone through a long curation process. Competitive prices also allow consumers to resell it as a reseller.
"We believe all of us can profit. Active reseller assistance with relevant curriculum can provide greater opportunities," said Dimas Herdy, Founder of Serabat Nusa, explaining the shopping experience presented by Serabut Nusa.
Dimas added that is the answer to the challenges in today's digital era. In addition to preparing products to compete in the digital market, it also provides a broader range of sustainable marketing channels. Those two things have been less affordable by local MSME producers due to the limited capacity of producers to utilise digital technology. is designed for marketing products from one MSME producer for each type, thus providing a healthier "competition". This business model aimed to spur the growth of MSME production to offer more networks for MSME growth. Through, the potential for marketing reach of local products typical of Indonesian MSMEs can be further developed and have strong competitiveness.
Windarsih, development and promotion staff from the Investment and One Stop Service (DPMPTSP) Office, appreciated the collaborative efforts in the MSME empowerment program that CCEP Indonesia and Serabut Nusa had carried out.
"We hope that other companies have the same understanding of empowerment so that they can have a real impact," explained Windarsih regarding the importance of empowering MSMEs in training and mentoring.
Regional Corporate Affairs Manager of CCEP Indonesia Armytanti Hanum Kasmito said the MSME development program aimed to turn their limitations into business opportunities. "With the spirit of mutually beneficial collaboration, we hope this digital platform can help expand their market," she said.