CCEP Indonesia Support Local MSMEs in West Cikarang

2022JKT SekreForumUMKM 1


CCEP Indonesia supports the inauguration of the secretariat of the MSME Forum in West Cikarang District, located in Cibitung Babakan Village, West Cikarang Lake Asih, which in the future will be used as a product outlet of the MSME forum. 

Last month CCEP Indonesia supported the assistance activities for making a Business Identification Number (NIB) as one of the bases for a business activity permit from an MSME. This outlet will become a forum, coordination, and communication centre for the advancement of MSMEs, especially in West Cikarang.

Regional Corporate Affairs Manager CCEP Indonesia, Nurlida Fatmikasari, said the MSME development support program was aimed at strengthening partnerships and encouraging MSMEs for economic movement. But other than that, this MSME Forum has the spirit of empowering its members to go up grades together to create a secretariat for accessible communication and coordination to increase the capacity of members so that it will make strong MSMEs".