CCEP Indonesia Participated in the UNFCCC COP27 in Egypt

2022 COP27 1


We are honoured to be invited by the Indonesian Ministry of Environment and Forestry to join the COP27 in Egypt and to take part in the Indonesia Pavilion agenda - A Collaborative Actions to Handle Plastic Debris in Indonesia. On behalf of CCEP Indonesia, Lucia Karina (PACS Director) proudly presented our sustainability initiatives and investment in waste management, PET waste collection, RPET facility establishment, carbon footprint reduction, and also how we support our community's circular economy.

"Our ambition goes beyond collecting and recycling the equivalent of our own footprint of plastic packaging, which also helps reduce carbon emissions on the planet. We need to think bigger than our own operations and work together towards an industry-wide vision where we eliminate the plastic we don’t need, innovate new materials and collection models, and create a circular economy for plastic packaging. That’s why we proudly work alongside the government, NPAP, and community, voluntarily, towards a long-term, system-wide solution for packaging waste collection in Indonesia, without relying on legislation," said Lucia Karina in her presentation

"We believe that there’s tremendous potential to make inroads in the collection, increase recycling capacity and drive circularity. We also believe that partnerships and collaboration are vital to accelerate decarbonization, solve waste problems, and build a sustainable future for everybody. We will continue to challenge ourselves, using our voices to drive action on sustainability and leading by example to create a better future and go even further together," she concluded.

Please click here to watch the video of the session.