CCEP Indonesia Gives the Support My Cause Donation for Nurani Dua Foundation

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As one of the world's leading consumer goods companies, CCEP Indonesia is committed to creating a positive impact on the environment and people's welfare. Dukung Aksi Pilihanku (Support My Cause) program is one manifestation of the company's sustainability commitments. It provides an opportunity for employees to nominate organizations in the field of sustainability to receive donations of funds to expand the scope of their initiatives.

This program is a continuation of an initiative run by CCEP as a Group, Support My Cause, which has supported 44 local foundations spread across Europe with an investment of more than EUR 200,000. This year, the Support My Cause program expands to all CCEP operational areas, including Indonesia.

Nurani Dunia Foundation is one of the foundations that was nominated and received the most votes in the program. Denny Wahyudi, an employee from West Java operation, nominated the organization and was one of the winners who received the most votes in the Social category. Imam Prasodjo, a sociologist at the University of Indonesia, initiated the foundation. It was nominated for having a vision in line with the company's commitment to building community capabilities and improving the circular economy in Indonesia.

"As the employee who nominated the foundation, I am more enthusiastic and grateful for achieving the highest vote on the Dukung Aksi Pilihanku program. I hope that Nurani Dunia Foundation will improve in quality and continue to spread positive benefits for the Indonesian people in educating the nation's life," said Denny.

About Nurani Dunia Foundation

Nurani Dunia Foundation is a non-profit and non-partisan organization that aims to build a responsive, participatory and integrative community by promoting the principles of honesty, fairness, professionalism and independence. The foundation's vision is to create a responsive community by growing educational, economic, social, cultural, health and environmental activities in a participatory and integrative way.

Through an empowerment program in the Kampung Ilmu (Science Village) in Purwakarta, West Java, Nurani Dunia Foundation runs various programs to encourage community growth. The programs include dynamic teaching and learning interactions between multiple parties, facilitating the development of social and environmental entrepreneurs, building networks to develop civilized communities, and building social, educational, economic and cultural units. 

The Donation Handover

On November 25, 2022, CCEP Indonesia donated EUR 12,500, equivalent to Rp. 186,250,000 represented by Lucia Karina, VP of Public Affairs, Communications & Sustainability of CCEP Indonesia and Papua New Guinea, to Imam Prasodjo as the founder of the Nurani Dunia Foundation.

"Through the Dukung Aksi Pilihanku program, we focus on two things: building employee awareness of social and environmental issues by involving them directly and encouraging changes in behaviour and community quality by supporting the activities of credible foundations," said Lucia Karina.

The donation will be used to construct various systemic learning facilities so that learning and empowerment activities in the Science Village can run effectively. The foundation will also use it to develop multiple physical facilities and programs to grow a circular economy with appropriate environmentally friendly technology in agriculture and animal husbandry. Various initiatives will be carried out by the Nurani Dunia Foundation, including:

  • Completion of the construction of the pilot dairy goat pen

  • Pioneering the development of fish farming

  • Completion of the construction of organic fertilizer processing using magot cultivation

  • Completion of Entrepreneur House construction

  • Training on nutritious food products

"All the Nurani Dunia Foundation volunteers are very grateful for the honour given by all CCEP Indonesia employees who have chosen our foundation to receive donations. For us, this is a form of extraordinary support for our visions and for many parties who, for 23 years (from 1999 to 2022), have been working together to carry out voluntary actions in various parts of Indonesia to advance public welfare and educate the nation's life," explained Imam.