Coca-Cola Europacific Partners Indonesia Partner with Warung Pintar Group in Digitalizing Their Distribution Channel for General Trade

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Amelia Naomi

Warung Pintar Group announces its partnership with one of the leading consumer goods companies in the world, Coca-Cola Europacific Partners Indonesia, or CCEP Indonesia, to digitalize their distribution system to warungs and small retail businesses in Indonesia without disrupting the official distributors that have initially worked with CCEP Indonesia. It is considered as one of CCEP’s strategies to obtain more transparent data which later be used as a foundation in maximizing their distribution and marketing strategies.

The partnership between CCEP Indonesia and Warung Pintar Group enables CCEP Indonesia to earn transparent data in demand behavior from more than 500,000 potential warungs within the Warung Pintar Group ecosystem. The number of warungs will continue to grow along with Warung Pintar Group’s growth, which is expected to have 1,000,000 stalls within the next three years.

Layers of Traditional Distribution Flow and Its Impacts on Growth and Efficiency

As one of the biggest distribution channels in Indonesia, the flow of information among stakeholders within the warung ecosystem is still asymmetrical. For brands, this results in off-target strategic planning, whereas warung owners will be impacted and faced with high prices when it comes to stock fulfillment.

“As a business, we have consistently invested in state-of-the-art systems and technology, supporting our nation-wide manufacturing and distribution operations. We are now expanding our digital disruption efforts to the front end of our business to support our growth strategies as key enablers as we look to fully leverage emerging online channels,” said Lakshman Peiris, Marketing Director of Coca-Cola Europacific Partners Indonesia. “Our customers, including general trade outlets, are the most important and vital part of our business, and we are committed to create the opportunity to provide a fast and a superior service for them, including investing in digital channels to expand our distribution in Indonesia.”

Warung Pintar Group Possesses The Most Complete Solution for Warung Ecosystem

Since 2017, Warung Pintar Group has continued to develop integrated technology-based solutions that answer problems on every level of distribution in the warung ecosystem, from brands, distributors, wholesalers, to warung owners. With Warung Pintar Group’s solutions, brands, such as CCEP Indonesia, will not only gain relevant data in terms of distribution, but can also directly objectify the given data by implementing distribution and marketing strategy that is proven to be faster, more efficient, and segmented.

“The digitalization of traditional channels that have been initiated by Warung Pintar Group aims to provide transparency of information to assist all stakeholders in creating effective and profitable product distribution, as well as marketing strategies, for the whole warung ecosystem. Working with CCEP Indonesia also validates our main purpose in addressing the problems of all stakeholders in the general trade from various scales, including brands, where we can answer their concerns from the smallest businesses to the largest manufacturers, such as CCEP Indonesia,” said Agung Bezharie, CEO of Warung Pintar Group.

Warung Pintar Group as CCEP Indonesia’s Strategic Partner in Digitalizing Distribution Flow

CCEP Indonesia has established an initial partnership with Bizzy Digital, a subsidiary of the Warung Pintar Group, for early 2020. This has also become a solution for warung and small retail business owners by having more product lines that can be accessed through Warung Pintar Application. With Warung Pintar Group, warung and small retail business owners can also fulfill their stocks directly from the brand so that they will get visibility on product availability and fair prices. In addition, another advantage that will be obtained is in the form of logistics services with free shipping that guarantees to arrive the next day, even on the same day, with Grosir Pintar.

 “We are excited to work together with Warung Pintar Group as one of our strategic partners in expanding B2B channels. We believe that through collaboration, Warung Pintar Group will enable us to grow further by providing data and integrating distribution channels, as well as optimizing marketing initiatives,” added Lakshman Peiris. “With the merger of Bizzy Digital and Warung Pintar, we are looking forward in expanding new opportunities in the market and providing positive benefits to all outlets in this ecosystem.”