Coca-Cola Europacific Partners Indonesia Received Katadata25: Pandemic Heroes Awards

Katada25 Awards CCEP Indonesia v3


Coca-Cola Europacific Partners Indonesia (CCEP Indonesia) received the "Katadata25: Heroes of the Covid-19 Pandemic". This award was given because CCEP Indonesia is considered as a party in the industrial sector that has a significant contribution during the handling of Covid-19 pandemic. The award was received directly by Lucia Karina, Public Affairs, Communications, and Sustainability Director, CCEP Indonesia & PNG, last Thursday (13/4).

The Covid-19 pandemic has left unforgettable stories of extraordinary struggles in the effort to handle the disease outbreak disaster that has hit all around the world. This has inspired Katadata, a media and news research company in Indonesia, to award figures and parties who are considered meritorious, contributing to the efforts to deal with the Covid-19 pandemic.

CCEP Indonesia is considered to have made a significant contribution during the Covid-19 handling period, through various support programs for the safety and health of employees and the community. Programs such as vaccinations for employees, support for access to vaccinations for the community, distribution of masks to the community, procurement of hand sanitizers, support for drinks to health facilities and personnel, implementation of health protocols in work areas, and routine vitamin administration to employees are considered as a form of the company's real commitment in handling the pandemic.

Although the current conditions have improved, employee safety and health will continue to be CCEP Indonesia's main commitment. For this reason, the implementation of safety & health-related programs will continues to be implemented. On the other hand, CCEP Indonesia will also continue to have a positive impact wherever the company operates by contributes more for society and community, especially who lives around operational area.