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We value our employees wellbeing

Our Wellbeing

As the power behind our region’s favourite brands, the physical, mental and social wellbeing of our consumers is at the heart of our vision to delight millions every day.

Our success is built on our commitment to lead a safe, convivial and responsible drinking culture.

From cherished personal moments or toasting national celebration, to the simple processes involved in our distilling and brewing joy of relaxing at home with friends and family, each week Fijians and Samoans enjoy our beverages responsibly and in moderation, as part of balanced, happy and socially engaged lifestyles.

Global alcohol consumption is at its lowest levels in five decades, with more people than ever choosing to drink less but better. The overwhelming majority drink responsibly, enjoying alcohol as part of a balanced lifestyle. Equally encouraging is continuation of the long-term downward trends in problem and underage drinking.

We’re committed to playing our part in ensuring this culture of responsibility continues. As well as giving consumers choice, innovation and high-quality beverages, we work hard to ensure they are always produced, marketed and supplied responsibly to our adult customers.

In 2018, we lowered the sugar content and improved our choice of lower alcohol and lower calorie beverages. Fiji Gold has 30 per cent less carbohydrates than traditional beers and we continue to grow Vonu Export, our ultra low carb and low gluten beer, expand the range of low sugar options and reduce overall sugar content across our popular Tribe range. In Samoa, we reduced the sugar content across our Moni premix beverages range by an average of 0.5g/100mL.

In 2018 we underlined our responsible marketing commitment by launching a new staff training program and world-wide best practice standards in responsible marketing. By ensuring our beverages are always marketed responsibly, our aim is to help those who are legally allowed to consume our beverages do so in an informed and responsible way. We’re also working to ensure our beverages are sold and served responsibly. By drawing on international examples and our local expertise, in 2019 we plan to partner with education authorities to roll out a new hospitality industry training module in the Responsible Service of Alcohol.