Our people

Strengthening a diverse and inclusive culture

Our People

We will provide a safe, open, diverse and inclusive workplace where our people are engaged and energised by, and committed to, human rights and their health, safety and wellbeing at work.

Paradise Beverages strives to achieve and maintain a zero-harm workplace where safety is everyone’s responsibility and each individual is held to account. We adhere to the Coca-Cola Amatil Group’s Health, Safety & Wellbeing Policy requires all employees, suppliers, contractors and visitors to operate to the highest standards.

In 2018, Paradise Beverages recorded four Medical-Treatment Injuries (MTIs) and seven Lost-Time Injuries (LTIs). Both figures are higher than 2017. The increase in MTIs from two to four is a reflection of management’s increased focus on encouraging the reporting of injuries. Correspondingly, in 2018 LTIs regrettably increased from four to seven, all as a result of manual handling or minor lacerations. As a result, the company has invested in additional machinery and improved processes to protect employees working at the Rum Co of Fiji distillery, and installed additional guarding around packaging lines at the Fiji Bitter Brewery to better protect against lacerations. Pleasingly, the Vailima Brewery in Samoa experienced no reportable injuries. Through a focus on lead indicators, known to help drive safety outcomes, the company reported a 46 per cent increase in the number of leadership safety walks, up to 1,342 in 2018 compared to 917 in the prior year.

In 2018, we also continued our focus on programs to support employee health and wellbeing, including mental wellbeing, and on investing in better facilities and ongoing education to support a culture of safety and wellbeing.

In addition, to help achieve our mission we leveraged the broader Amatil system to further enhance our leadership development programs with a particular focus on inclusive leadership development and strengths-based capability training. We aim to help build the leaders of tomorrow for the company, and for Fiji. The leadership development program included a series of initiatives including:

  • Discovering Possibilities
  • Leadership Speaker Series
  • Sisterhood Fiji program
  • Actionable Conversations
  • David Gonski – Women in Leadership program
  • Leadership Fiji
  • Pay it Forward internal mentoring and leadership program

We are also pleased to report a continued improvement in our overall annual employee engagement score. In 2018, Paradise Beverages achieved a score of 67 per cent, an improvement of two per cent on 2017 and seven per cent on 2016.

We know that an engaged workforce who believe in our future, are connected to our strategies, confident in our leaders and proud to be a part of our company are critical to the delivery of our priorities. We are pleased that our commitment to our people and culture is helping to drive pride in our business and re-invigorate our wider team. Diversity of thought, inclusive leaderships and behaviours, active listening and communications were some of the areas we talked about openly and authentically shared. We will repeat the program and push the boundaries again in 2019.