Our commitment to help the environment

Our Environment

We aim to leave a positive legacy and ensure minimal impact on the environment, working responsibly in all we do, and making the right choices now, in a sustainable way, for future generations.

Our focus is on areas where we have the most opportunity to make a difference: improving waste and recycling outcomes; energy management; and water efficiency and stewardship.

Since the brewery opened 62 years ago, Paradise Beverages has been leading the region in returnable glass, which accounts for over 95 per cent of our beverages. This process is better for the environment, as each container is collected, cleaned and reused an average of eight to ten times, which contributes to less waste sent to landfill and better littering outcomes. The system also provides an important source of employment for local people, as many collection partners are sole operators or family-run businesses.

As a result of our continued efforts, in 2018 we increased the average collection rate from 75 per cent to 85 per cent of returnable glass bottles – equating to an additional 1,500 tonnes of glass saved from landfill, each year. Further improvements are planned for 2019, with the establishment of a third collection depot in in Vanu Levu to improve outcomes for collectors operating on the island.

We support the Department of Environment’s goal of a litter free environment through the collection and recycling of suitable packaging material. We welcome the opportunity to provide feedback on the proposed Container Deposit Scheme and the associated draft Container Deposit Regulations. Paradise Beverages supports the introduction of a well-run cost-effective and efficient scheme and is committed to working with local and government partners to play our part in reducing the number of beverage containers littered or disposed of to landfill.

As part of our commitment to reduce our carbon footprint, we are actively working to increase our use of renewable and low-carbon energy in our operations, and improving our manufacturing efficiencies. In 2019, we will investigate a 700kW solar rooftop installation including a 540kW Tesla battery energy storage system at our Vailima Brewery in Apia, Samoa. The system is expected to generate over 1GWh of renewable each year, equivalent to 38% of the site’s total energy needs, and contribute to the Samoan Government’s target of sourcing 90% of electricity from renewable sources by 2030.

Another way we work to protect Fiji’s marine environment is through our long-term partnership with the Mamanuca Environment Society. For over a decade, our Vonu beer (which carries the Vonu Dina as its emblem) has been a committed supporter of the charity. In 2018 we built on our long-term relationship, deepening and extending our commitment to support the full extent of the organisation’s work across land and marine environments. We’ve done this with a new three-year commitment to an annual investment that increases each year.